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19 Outdoor Inspirations That Define Outdoor Comfort

Spending time outdoors without having to leave the comfort of home is undoubtedly quite pleasant. Whether sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee, spending the evening chatting with friends in the backyard, or working comfortably on the terrace at home. But because of the size, it can often feel like this added comfort is something that is exclusive to homeowners. However, the truth is that even a small balcony can turn into a very cozy place.

We, from awesome.club, we love the idea of ​​relaxing outdoors without having to leave the house. With that in mind, we have selected 19 inspirations from Internet users who have transformed their balconies, terraces and backyards into truly cozy places. Check out!

If the apartment does not have its own balcony, you can set up a cozy space in a common area of ​​the building. 🇧🇷 a kind of common courtyard. Surely, the neighbors will also like the idea.

“The backyard that a coworker had been hiding from us for a long time”

“I was told you would like my balcony”

“An urban courtyard in New York”

“Before and after of the backyard I cleaned up”

From an underutilized space to a comfortable and stylish outdoor backyard

“The porch is almost ready”

Even in an urban environment, it is possible to create a cozy oasis at home with your own hands

No kidding, I thought it was one of those ready-made demo environments at a furniture store. © ***incaillou / Reddit

“I saved money and built the backyard I always dreamed of”

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“This is my balcony office”

“My grandfather’s backyard. I spend hours here every summer”

“My cozy spot on the porch”

“I love this spot because it provides just enough shade when the sun hits my porch, not blocking out the light completely. I like to feel a little warm from the sun’s rays.”

“This is my backyard”

“This is my backyard after renovation”

“I renovated an old playhouse for my 2 year old twins. Their ‘cottage’ is definitely the best part of our little backyard right now.”

“My favorite place to read a book”

“My wife renovated our previously unused balcony. She is quite cozy now.”

“Our cozy summer porch… complete with pet rabbit!”

I always imagine myself living in photos like this. I would enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening, feeling the summer night breeze and making sure the pet doesn’t run away. © owl*** / Reddit

“My dog ​​and cat area on the porch”

How do you like to spend time outdoors? Do you have an outdoor area at home? Share photos of your homemade hideaways with us in the comments section.

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