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19 Netizens Who Adopted An Abandoned Furry Ball, And It Turned Into A True Cloud Of Love

The streets and shelters are full of abandoned animals. Fortunately, many of them are lucky and end up being adopted by caring humans.

We, from awesome.club, we once again make sure that there are genuinely good people in this world and that every furry creature has a chance to find a home and a loving owner. And not bonusa report by the author of this article, who also gained a new four-legged friend.

“Our baby girl, Una, on the day we adopted her and two years later”

“He was afraid of everything and everyone. And now, nine months later, he is the happiest, most confident puppy I know”

“The photo on the left was taken the day I adopted him and the one on the right 48 days later”

“I don’t know who was more afraid of who at first: she of me or I of her”

“I found this boy a few years ago, when he was abandoned by his own mother. Look how he has transformed”

“A year ago this boy was abandoned in the park and now he is my best friend.”

“The first picture was taken when we just took it out of the trash. And in the second, she was already enjoying her new life a month later.”

“We brought home an abandoned dog in the field. Norman is no longer young, but he will live out his old age surrounded by people who love him.”

“I found this cat in the backyard when she was a few months old. In the photo on the left, it’s her after her first bath, and on the right, a confident 7-year-old cat.”

“Millie came into my life a year ago. Street dog who stole my heart”

“I rescued a very sick cat in my neighborhood, took care of him and decided to adopt him”

Just needed some love

“My husband said it was the ugliest dog he had ever seen.”

“We rescued her when she was pregnant, malnourished and shy. We raised her kittens, and now she is my favorite baby girl”

“I’ve been living with this baby for a year now. At first, his ribs were very pronounced, but he is now at an ideal weight of 27 kg.”

“After six months living with us”

“Tony, as soon as we adopted him vs. six years later”

“It looked like a mixed breed cat, and I had to feed it with a pipette. I later found out that one of her parents was Persian”

“After eight years, it no longer surprises me that your fur even appears on the cakes I just bought.”

“On the left is Bodie the day I picked him up from the shelter, and on the right is exactly five years later.”

“After three and a half years, the rescued cat finally started to trust me, so much so that she sleeps in my lap”

“The first photo was taken at the shelter in June 2017. And the second one less than a year ago. I love this photo. The baby has uveodermatological syndrome”

Uveodermatological syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease that affects the skin and eyes of dogs. (Observation of awesome.club)


This girl has been abandoned by her owners twice. My sister found her in the farthest corner of the shelter, all dirty, thin, full of fear. When we brought her home and washed her, she was afraid to even walk around the apartment, she sat in the hallway all the time. In two and a half years, Sadie has grown into a fluffy, furry little dog who is surrounded by love and affection, is fed well, and is constantly playing with our cats and our terrier.

What was your pet like when you adopted it?

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