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19 chocolate desserts to make your day sweeter

After lunch, that craving for sweets hits, doesn’t it? At these times, chocolate desserts are a good choice. Generally, the traditional never disappoints, but it’s always good to learn new possibilities. That’s why we share amazing recipes for you to make everyone want more!

1. Chocolate pudding

The traditional chocolate pudding, but in a recipe without eggs and very practical. The point of attention here is to use a colorless and tasteless gelatin sachet, hydrate with water and microwave. Check out the full step by step!

2. Chocolate mousse

Do you want easy chocolate desserts with few ingredients? Then check out this recipe! Just have semisweet chocolate, cream and condensed milk to prepare this wonderful mousse.

3. Cutting mousse

Here, you learn how to make a delicious mousse with two flavors: dark chocolate and white chocolate. A tip for when making them is to dissolve the cornstarch in the cold milk, as this helps not to create pellets.

4. Cold chocolate dessert with dulce de leche

You will learn a very practical recipe. She follows the logic of assembling the dessert in layers: chocolate, dulce de leche and chocolate, for example. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water!

5. Cold chocolate dessert with Bis

Are you out of time to prepare a delicious dessert? Don’t worry! In this one you just need to make a ganache cream and then the white cream, using juice of two lemons. Finally, serve well chilled and enjoy!

6. Husband frozen

Here, you will need condensed milk, 32% chocolate or chocolate, vanilla essence, cornstarch, champagne or cornstarch biscuits and whipped cream. Check out all the preparation details!

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7. Chocolate with coconut on the platter

In this recipe you have to let the creams cool before placing them on the platter. Finally, decorate with grated chocolate and grated coconut. There’s no way this dessert could be bad, do you agree?

8. Brigadier pavé

Pavé and brigadeiro already cause alone, so imagine together! The secret is to make the brigadeiro and then add the cream. When assembling, alternate between cream and wafer to fill the entire bowl and finish with chocolate sprinkles.

9. Nest milk chocolate ice cream dessert

Delicious and easy dessert, that’s because the Ninho milk cream is made in the blender and the chocolate cream is a practical ganache. To assemble it, just put the white cream, leave it in the fridge and finish the assembly when the ganache cools down.

10. Chocolate strawberry gelatin dessert

This recipe looks difficult, but it is very practical! Make a regular gelatin, add condensed milk, cream and then prepare the chocolate part. Can’t resist!

11. Chocolate platter

Another option for those who love white chocolate and semisweet chocolate! Assemble a platter with both types of cream and decorate with sprinkles, confetti, chocolates, Kit Kat, Oreo and Chocobol. The result is beautiful and delicious!

12. Chocolate petit gateau

Do you find the preparation of petit gateau difficult? This recipe will prove otherwise! The tip is to use cocoa and not chocolate, because the latter is very sweet and spoils the recipe. Watch the step by step and enjoy!

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13. Chocolate truffle cake

Want to rock birthday parties? The structure of this recipe is a chocolate cake with caramel ganache truffled with rum, plus strawberries on top. Leave everyone drooling over this candy!

14. Chocolate cake with passion fruit

Cake that doesn’t go in the oven or stove? We have! Prepare the chocolate mass in the crusher or blender and make the passion fruit mousse. Finally, leave it in the fridge for the cake to firm up. Thus, the flavor of chocolate with passion fruit will be irresistible!

15. Chocolate cake with strawberry

A chocolate cake with layers of gourmet brigadeiro and strawberries. The preparation method is super easy and you can check out more details in the video. Enjoy your food!

16. Lactose-free chocolate mousse

If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, this recipe is to prove that chocolate desserts are for everyone! Here, in addition to learning how to make the mousse, you also learn how to make homemade, lactose-free whipped cream.

17. Dutch Chocolate Pie

Learn how to make a different Dutch pie, with chocolate. See the step by step and prepare the dessert to make on special occasions. The pie is delicious!

18. Chocolate mousse pie with strawberry

To make this recipe, you will need to prepare a dark chocolate ganache and a white chocolate ganache, in addition to crushing cornstarch cookies. Use a false bottom mold to make the preparation more practical.

19. Mousse pie 4 chocolates

One is little, two is also little, three is good and four is wonderful! Here, you will prepare a mousse pie with four chocolates, being white, milk chocolate, semi-sweet and 80% cocoa. Did you feel like trying it out?

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There are so many chocolate dessert options that it’s hard to choose. Either way, we guarantee that they are all wonderful! If you liked these recipes, also try black forest cake recipes and enjoy!

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