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18 Women Who Have Embraced Their Natural Aging Process And Feel So Beautiful

Seeing yourself in the mirror over the years can become a challenge for some women, the appearance of wrinkles or gray hair can be frightening. However, others have no problem seeing their reflection transformed, and this makes them even more confident about their beauty and what they want to choose to keep or change.

O awesome.club believes that accepting your details is an indispensable part of self-love. That’s why we brought you this compilation of testimonials from Internet users who don’t mind wrinkles and silver hair, on the contrary, they love each other even more. At the end of the article there is a challenge for you!

“I am in love with my silver bands. As much as I would love to dye my hair again, I would miss my sequin hair so much!”

“Happy Sunday! No makeup, no filter! Just my natural aging face. Hope everyone has a great day!”

“Are any of my fellow witches currently growing their hair gray? I’ve had them gray since I was a kid, but I’m finally letting them shine at 30. Four months of growth so far!”

“Grey hair club checking in (+ cute seal)”

“Before I turn 67 on Saturday, I’m just here to show you how wrinkles, fine lines and facial textures become more prominent over the years.”

“Appreciating my shades of white.”

“Whenever people compliment me, I say: ‘I know I’m beautiful anyway, I say I’m not conceited, I’m just aware of the power that emanates, because I lived what I wanted, how I wanted. And showing it through my gray hairs and wrinkles, I do believe it’s a kind of power. My beauty is beyond an eternal fountain of youth”

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“Do I look older or younger with gray hair? (I’m 50).”

“I let my hair grow white and now I’m thinking about getting some highlights this summer.”

“When I was younger, I thought I would never love myself when I got older. But with each passing day, I feel more beautiful with my wrinkles and my silver hair. My wrinkles are part of my beauty!”

“It is a privilege to be able to grow old. I am learning to accept my wrinkles and gray hair. <3”

“I am loving my new gray self.”

“35 years old and natural gray hair. I decided in 2020 after years of dying to let it grow, and have never looked back.”

“Having fun with gray hair is great!”

“I got tired of dying my hair and I’ve gotten a lot more compliments since I turned it gray. Who would have guessed?”

“The before and after of millions!”

“My hair is getting so voluminous!”

“What 49 years are like”

It’s admirable that we see more and more women loving each other regardless of any external characteristic. What is your detail that you have loved the most over the years? Tell us in the comments! We’d love to know!

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