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18 photos that show how there is no better medicine than a good laugh

Some studies say that laughter is a great medicine and is very effective against stress. Do you agree? That is, when you watch a funny movie, read a comedy book or see some fun pictures, do you feel that you are doing good for your health?

O awesome.club defends the idea that a good dose of laughter can transform anyone’s day. Therefore, to start your year off right, we have separated some images that will help you in this process.

“Six years ago I lost my wedding ring. I ended up getting a tattoo instead, but my wife found it in an old purse.”

“The two products purchased and the invoice”

“My son drew a tiger we can all relate to”

“I saw this fun car these days…”

“Building after a fire at −31°C”

“Perfectly hidden!”

Peppered Pumpkin. Somebody?

“Free spicy pumpkins. Try one! Trick or treating”

“I overfilled the pots with a broth that had been cooking for 48 hours”

“Um… I don’t know… I think my dog ​​is sleeping. It will be?”

“Hide and seek with my niece”

“I 3D printed ‘Rocktopus’”

“At last I found her. I had been resting there for over an hour.”

“My boy is quite peculiar…”

“My girlfriend: ‘It didn’t fit in the freezer.’ I apologize to the entire French nation.”

“I always get bored when my wife travels. Six days later, I decided to joke with her, ‘I’m going to make a formal dinner for our cats’”

“I did everything wrong today”

“I don’t think I can make it to work today”

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“The sock is mad at being left in a stinky shoe”

What kind of picture always makes you smile? Do you like looking for fun images on the internet to relax?

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