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18 incredibly useful tips to make your home life easier

We know that living alone is not an easy task. In addition to having to keep the bathroom always stocked with toilet paper, the bills up to date and the fridge with an acceptable amount of food, you still have to manage to do a good cleaning in the house frequently. The good news is that some tasks are simpler than they look!

1. If you use a wooden board, clean it with lemon and rock salt


Sprinkle the salt on the cutting board and squeeze half a lemon over the top. Using half of the lemon that has already been squeezed, rub the salt all over the board. Rinse everything with hot water, without letting it soak. Let it dry completely and repeat the procedure once a week – if you use the board a lot, of course.

2. Combine baking soda and vinegar to clean the stove

Who says you need more than these two items? Just take the racks out of the oven, add the baking soda and make a paste with the vinegar. The mixture will bubble and that’s good: it means the cleaning is happening! Leave for a few minutes and scrub to remove all dirt. If necessary, repeat until the dirt is completely removed.

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3. No more dust on your screens

The TV and computer can get a little ~disgusting~ after a while, mainly due to the action of little fingers and dust that rolls in this place. You don’t need much: if you have a coffee filter, this already solves the problem. And they won’t get lint like cloths!

4. Goodbye to glass stains on the wooden table


Yes, this is the terror of anyone with a “mild” compulsion to keep their desk in good repair. But don’t despair: the secret is to use your dryer to get rid of this horrible stain. Dry until the water is gone and use olive oil to finish – but just a little.

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5. How to fold the dreaded fitted sheet

Sounds like a task from another world, doesn’t it? Good thing it isn’t!

6. Glowing box

You don’t need much: with vinegar, washing powder, alcohol, baking soda and water you can easily clean the bathroom stall.

7. Microwave without grease

As we all know that everyday life can be hectic, the microwave is always the ideal partner for meals. After a while – especially if you’re not adept at using the lid – food scraps can stay there. The way is to use a pot that can heat it up with 150ml of water and three slices of lemon, leaving it inside the appliance for 4 minutes. Rub a sponge with a few drops of detergent and voilà!

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8. Dirty shower? Never!

Yes, all you need is a plastic bag (which is not punctured, of course) and vinegar to reach the perfection of unclogging the little holes through which the water passes. Add enough vinegar to cover most of the shower. Secure the bag with a rubber band and let the magic happen for an hour. Use a damp cloth to clean thoroughly.

9. Collection of hair around the house

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Lovers and owners of the cutest pets know the drama of having fur in every corner. And also how annoying taking it off can be! The secret is to use a rubber glovethose classic yellow ones, to pick up the fur from the sofa, the floor and everywhere else.

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10. Cleaning nail polish stains around the house


Alright: there you were, all your nails done, when all of a sudden, the pot of nail polish hurled itself desperately onto your freshly mopped floor. Before you go tearing your hair out, try this idea out:

  • Leave some nail polish remover on top of the stains for a minute or so, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.
  • Clean with a magic eraser (those made of melamine).
  • If there is still nail polish, apply some hairspray, leave for a minute and remove with a paper towel.
  • Finish by wiping with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water.
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11. Take advantage of the microwave to clean the sink sponges

That little magic piece that makes your dishes shine also collects germs. And the easiest way to solve this is to put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, letting it cool afterwards. You can just switch, but that doesn’t mean avoiding all germs.

12. The dreaded sink drain

It’s food, fat, fluids and who knows what else is there. Despite the drama, cleaning is necessary: ​​put ½ cup (tea) of sodium bicarbonate in the drain and pour 1 cup (tea) of white vinegar on top. It will really bubble, so take advantage of the action time to heat water. When it’s already boiling, pour the water straight into the region.

13. How to clean the clay filter

Having fresh water every day is great! Too bad we forget to clean and change the filter, right?

14. Yes, we will vacuum your mattress


We forget that, in the place where we sleep, it’s not enough to just change the sheets and that’s it. From time to time, the ideal is to clean the mattress and pillows well (see the next item). Leave him ~naked~ and vacuum. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire length and let it act for 35 – 40 minutes. Using a soft sponge, rub it all over, including the folds. Wait another 10 minutes and vacuum. Tip: Rotate horizontally (swapping the side of your feet to the side of your head) and vertically (inverting the mattress) every three months to prevent it from sinking in one place.

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15. Brand new coffee maker


Combine equal parts vinegar and water to place in place to pour water. Fit the paper filter and turn on the machine to start filtering. Do this until you reach half the water and turn off for 30 minutes. Call again and finish. Wait another 30 minutes after the end, put plain water on the spot and do the process again.

16. Bacteria-free toothbrushes

In addition to having to change yours every three months, you can also clean it with water and vinegar, in a 1:2 ratio (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water). Leave for 30 minutes and wash under running water. Discover the right place to leave it clean and smelling in your bathroom.

17. Give your pillows a good wash

They collect dust, sweat, dead skin and dust mites while you sleep, every day. To give them an overview, wash them in the washing machine every six months – if they are polyester or goose down (if not, take a look at their label). Take them to the machine in pairs, without pillowcase or cover, leaving them vertically. Choose cold cycle and add more Liquid soap than normally. And vinegar instead of fabric softener makes cleaning very thorough! To dry, arrange them horizontally.

18. In the meantime, remember to clean the washing machine!

Fact: from time to time it is necessary to clean what we use to clean other things. After all, where do you think the dirt ends up?

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