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18 garlic bread recipes to make your barbecue tastier

For many Brazilians, the weekend is synonymous with barbecue! Gone are the days when it was made only with roasted meat, and that’s it! Today, barbecues are much more complete, with options even for those who do not eat meat.

And, it’s a fact: garlic bread is already a barbecue classic. It goes very well with the most varied types of meat, in addition to being consumed by vegetarians… In other words, it pleases most people!

However, buying a good amount of garlic bread in supermarkets, the price can get a little “salty”. Therefore, doing it at home is the best option, even more so if the proposal is to serve it to a large number of people.

In addition, making garlic bread at home is also an opportunity to improve the recipe, making it the way you like it, such as with cheeses, with fine herbs and whatever else your creativity allows! Check out some recipes:

simple versions

1. Garlic bread on French bread: to save you money at the time of the barbecue, after all, buying ready-made garlic bread in supermarkets is not very cheap, right? This recipe is easy and the result is great. If you prefer, you can bake the garlic breads in the oven as well.

2. Buttery garlic bread: made with French bread, this garlic bread is very tasty and you can put it in the oven, on the grill or on the grill until it’s golden and very crispy. Good request for your weekends!

3. Garlic bread with butter and mayonnaise: French bread, butter, mayonnaise and garlic. In addition to being delicious, you will save a lot of money! To add more flavor, you can add parsley, oregano, parmesan cheese and drops of chili sauce.

4. Rustic and easy garlic bread: in less than 10 minutes the buns are ready to go on the grill! The recipe is easy and you will only use French bread, garlic, fresh parsley, olive oil, butter, pepper and salt.

5. Rustic garlic bread: a garlic bread with natural fermentation. You will need thinly sliced ​​garlic, olive oil, organic whole wheat flour, gluten flour, filtered water, sea salt, keffir-based levain and sea salt.

6. Garlic bread with cheese: this recipe is made with a loaf of bread, but the pastinha can be used on any type of bread, even to make toast or bruschetta. You can also add dried or fresh herbs like parsley, basil, oregano.

7. Garlic bread with lots of cheese: a garlic bread that looks beautiful and very appetizing. Good choice to serve when you are gathering friends or family for a barbecue. To make it, you will only use Italian bread, garlic, butter, mozzarella cheese, salt and parsley.

8. Garlic bread with parmesan: recipe made with a large semolina bread. For starters, you should make square cuts on it without letting it get to the end. Then, smear the bread with the garlic paste, trying to get as deep as possible into the cuts. That is, it is a recipe without secrets and that is very tasty.

9. Garlic bread with cheese, curd cheese and bacon: the tip is to pair this garlic bread – which looks beautiful and super stuffed – with a good beer. Great request for a weekend with friends!

elaborate versions

10. Garlic bread with basic homemade pasta: great to accompany a salad, a barbecue or to eat plain even in the late afternoon. And the tip of the recipe is, even after they are cold, put the breads back in the oven just for a few minutes to reheat.

11. Garlic bread with homemade pasta and coarse salt: a recipe with a mouthwatering aroma! You will need yeast, sugar, warm milk, flour, egg, butter, salt, margarine, oil, garlic paste and coarse salt.

12. Two Cheese Garlic Bread: In this recipe, the garlic taste is not so strong, leaving the bread very soft. The stuffing is with cream cheese and mozzarella cheese, that is, a combination that can’t go wrong!

13. Garlic Bread with Pull Cheese: A version of garlic bread full of cheese and, of course, lots of flavor. Good choice for barbecues, but also for any gathering with family or friends, when you want to serve a delicious starter!

14. Garlic bread with cottage cheese, parmesan cheese and fine herbs: you will need large garlic cloves, margarine, a mixture of fine herbs, cottage cheese, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and French bread.

15. Garlic bread with cream, parmesan and parsley: easy recipe, you will only need wheat flour, yeast, sugar, warm water, olive oil, salt, salted butter, garlic, parsley and grated parmesan.

16. Garlic Briochinhos: it’s good to know that the garlic taste is very strong, so, if you prefer, you can use a smaller amount. The recipe yields nine medium-sized buns, so if you’re going to need a larger amount, it’s a good idea to double the recipe.

17. Garlic and Cheese Buns: Easy to make, fragrant and delicious, these buns are sure to be devoured quickly! The trick is to serve it hot. Good choice for when you have friends over!

18. Garlic bread rolled on a skewer: a different recipe, great option for a special barbecue! You will use wheat flour, chemical yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil, milk, water, butter, garlic and parsley.

Now you know that making garlic bread at home has a thousand and one possibilities and is even cheaper than buying ready-made bread! It’s worth choosing your favorite recipe and preparing garlic bread to make that barbecue on the weekend or, simply, to welcome friends at home with a good beer. 😉

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