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17 Old Photographs That Show How These Grandparents Were In Their Youth

Photos are like a time capsule: they allow us to travel back in time to see what fashion, customs and habits were like in previous decades. Not to mention that, through them, we have the chance to peek into the lives of our ancestors. There are several cases in which, from an old photograph, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can discover a different side of their own grandparents, identifying themselves, understanding them or simply becoming more proud of them. Given this, it’s even easy to imagine why so many internet users like to share records like this with the world.

To honor such moments, the incredible.club decided to share this collection of photos that proud grandchildren posted on Reddit, showing how beautiful and stylish their grandparents were when they were young.

1. “Barranquilla, 1950: find a woman who looks at you the way my grandmother looks at my grandfather”

2. “Today, while rummaging through my grandmother’s attic, I found my great-great-grandfather’s Italian passport and his ticket to the United States, exactly 100 years later”

3. “My lovely grandfather in 1941”

4. “My great-grandmother, on the right, turned 100 today. She had to cut her hair and pass herself off as a man because, at the time, women were not allowed on peacock hunts (circa 1927).”

5. “I think my grandfather was the inspiration for the magazine cover boy Mad🇧🇷

6. “My grandmother with a very good look cool on the beach in style old school, circa 1945. She wanted to throw away a lot of old photos because she didn’t think there was anything special about them.”

7. “I found this cleaning my grandmother’s apartment. She recently suffered a stroke and has been battling dementia, but when I showed her the photo, she commented, ‘See, I was amazing, wasn’t I?’ and she smiled :)”

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8. “My great-grandparents on their 60th wedding anniversary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 1984”

9. “My grandfather in the 1970s. He was the true definition of what it means to be cool and have style 👌🏽”

10. “Late 1940s: My young grandmother posing proudly with her dinner prepared by her”

11. “My grandfather at age 14. He shined shoes for five and dime, just so he could save enough money to buy this suit and wear it in school pictures.”

12. “My grandmother, in Miami, USA, 1962. I never got to know her, but I hope, as her namesake, to be as amazing as she is”

13. “My grandmother, Spain, 1958”

14. “My grandfather always elegant. Around 1983”

15. “My late grandfather and his twin brother working in the aeronautical business, 1959”

16. “My grandfather adopting a dog that had been a military mascot. London, England, 1938”

17. “Final test of a photo shoot for my grandmother’s business card, 1992. That year, she became the highest selling realtor in the entire company”

These grandparents really knew how to have fun. Without filters or smartphones, they posed for photos that will be treasured by their relatives forever. And you, do you have a photo of your grandparents that is considered a family heirloom? How about publishing it with your comment? We would love to see you!

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