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17 mouthwatering cocada recipes

The delicious cocada, a typical Brazilian sweet, is one of the favorite dishes when it comes to sweetening the palate. Of uncertain origin, it has reports of having its origin in Africa, where at night, after hard work, slaves would gather and make a sweet from coconut shavings and brown sugar, cooking it until it was rolled.

A constant presence also in the June festival season, this dessert has versatility and can be found in different versions, whether with “white” or burnt coconut, with peanuts, chestnuts, pumpkin or sesame, this sweet conquers even the most demanding palates.

A source of extra income for many housewives, the sweet has been adapted over time, introducing beloved ingredients such as condensed milk and butter, giving the dish more flavor. Previously sold on trays on the streets, cocada has already acquired gourmet airs and can be found even in bakeries, restaurants and in the most varied establishments.

If you want to know other variations of this typical sweet, check out suggestions of tasty recipes below and choose your favorite:

cutting cocadas

1. Cocada burned: vegan recipe, uses water or plant milk as a substitute for traditional milk. Easy to prepare, the author warns of the necessary attention in relation to the cocada point, taking care that it does not become a flour.

2. Cocada de condensed milk: using only three ingredients, the author reproduces this delicious and beautiful recipe. Here, the highlight is the use of condensed milk, which guarantees sweetness and allows the dish to reach the cut point when cooked.

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3. White cocada: in this version of the traditional white cocada, the recipe uses milk in addition to condensed milk, in order to make the dish soft, but ideal for cutting on a tray.

4. Quick Cocada: here the recipe is easy and practical. With only four ingredients, coconut milk is the big difference. After cooking the ingredients, spread it on a greased baking sheet and take it to the freezer to facilitate cutting.

5. Different cocada: using only coconut, milk and butter, the recipe takes its name because of its texture. It’s not hard like a cocada on a tray, but it’s not soft enough to be enjoyed with a spoon either. The result? An unparalleled creaminess and flavor.

6. Nest milk cocada: in this unusual version, in addition to the traditional milk being used, the recipe also takes a can of powdered milk, resulting in a delicious cocada with an air of dulce de leche. Worth a try!

7. Chocolate and Condensed Milk Cocada: Here, in addition to the common ingredients needed for this recipe, there is still the addition of chocolate powder, adding more flavor to the candy. Ideal for chocoholics on duty.

creamy cocadas

8. Functional passion fruit and chia cocada: in this recipe, the passion fruit adds flavor to the cocada and, together with the chia, makes the dish even more nutritious and functional. Chia is an ingredient rich in omega-3, calcium, iron and fiber, as well as being a great ally in the diet.

9. Creamy cocada: one of the most loved versions of this dish, the cocada is creamier, without that dry or floury aspect like some other recipes. Easy and practical, it’s ready in about 20 minutes.

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10. Creamy Cocada Burnt: vegan recipe, uses only natural grated coconut and brown sugar. After cooking them on the fire, let them cool on a plate and enjoy the delicious creamy sweet inside and with a “cone” on the outside.

11. Creamy Cocada au gratin: recipe with gourmet airs, it is ideal to be served with a red wine. It is baked, which ensures a creamy layer on the bottom and a layer of crispy coconut on top.

12. Cocada pudding: another presentation worthy of pâtisserie, this cocada pudding takes some of the traditional ingredients of this dish: vanilla essence, grated coconut, water, condensed milk and egg yolks. The highlight is in the assembly of the dish, in which shredded coconut flakes are used in the shape of a flower.

13. Cocada de oven: here the yolks are the main ingredient and in greater numbers These must be beaten in the mixer until doubled in volume. They will be the ones who guarantee the creaminess when the dish is taken to the oven.

14. Cocada with cloves: when you add cloves to the cocada, it takes on a wintery feel and a typical flavor of June festivals. Clove is still a river of vitamin C and helps to prevent colds and flu, common in this colder season.

15. Egg cocada: this cocada uses the egg as an unusual ingredient, but no less tasty. Using only its yolks, the dish goes out in the oven and has an unparalleled creaminess.

16. White spoon cocada: despite being very much compared to beijinho, the cocada’s differential in this recipe is the use of milk and sugar, while the beijinho recipe only uses condensed milk. Extremely fast, it’s ideal for those moments when you want to eat a sweet treat.

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17. Cocada de pan: another version that uses yolks, this one is performed all in the pan. When it reaches the point, just turn off the fire and serve. The author also suggests using cocada to receive cakes and pies, or even be served with ice cream.

An ideal option to satisfy the craving for sweets, cocada is a popular delicacy in Brazilian homes. Whether in its tougher cut version, or to taste it with a spoon, with all its creaminess, the cocada is sure to please anyone who is willing to taste it. bet!

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