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17 Images Capable of Coloring Even the Darkest of Days

There’s no escaping those gray days when all we’d like to do is grab a bunch of colored pencils so we can make everything around us more colorful. The selection of images you’ll see in this post could rightly be considered a strategy to liven things up a bit. If you need to add some sparkle to your day, be sure to check out the 17 injections of joy below!

O awesome.club found for you images that can improve, even just a little, any complicated day.

1. “I traveled 2,500 kilometers to go to a shelter and adopt this little wonder”

2. For 13 years, rain or shine, this man goes out every morning to pick up trash on the city streets

3. He had a lot of fun at the park

4. The fireman was off duty at a sporting event and carried an elderly woman up the stairs

5. A feeder. Or was it a telescope?

6. A good boy knows what he has to do

7. Firefighters removed a dog from a burning building. The animal was no longer breathing, but rescuers were able to revive it.

8. The love between animals and humans

9. This host of a local TV channel took her dog to work. He stayed close as she presented the news, but the camera only framed the journalist from the waist up.

10. The shelf of solidarity

If you need it: TAKE

If you can add more: PUT

11. They fit (or almost)

12. “This is how my dog ​​usually looks at my dad”

13. “My cat was rescued from the street and this is the first toy of her life”

14. “My grandparents are celebrating 70 years together”

15. “Today, someone received a tender kiss from a lady on the subway”

16. “When my daughter found out that our plant was in need of sun, she took it out into the street, holding it that way for the entire walk”

17. When you master the sleep technique perfectly

What do you think of the images above? Leave a comment telling us what you do when you want to feel more excited and inspired!

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