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17 beautiful and different French nail ideas for you to do at home

Anyone who loves to do their nails at least once in their lives has tried the classic francesinha. There are manicurists who claim that francesinhas have their loyal fans and that they do not give up this technique in any of their sessions.

However, it is not always necessary to maintain the classic version of this nail art. It is possible to vary in colors and even include designs or applications to vary the style.

If you are interested in the idea, just check out some suggestions below and adapt them with the colors of your choice.

See in the photos below the inspirations to renew your concept of French nails:

1. Isn’t this francesinha with a sprig of leaves super delicate?

2. And this easy-to-make version of the Louboutin nail is a great francesinha idea

3. If you like to change the way you do things, you’ll love the side francesinha

4. Another tip is to combine matte and glossy nail polish to create the francesinha effect.

5. And why not add some colored sparkles?

6. The lace-shaped francesinha is also a good choice!

7. How about this inverted francesinha with the darker color at the top?

8. Or those super cute waves in shades of pink?

9. And an animal print couldn’t be missing!

10. What do you think about combining black and neon in the francesinha band?

11. Or add a touch of sparkle with glitter nail polish?

12. The geometric francesinha with black and gold is also a charm

13. Using stamps with prints also creates a beautiful effect!

14. A very daring idea for those who are not afraid to try different inspirations

15. Another way to vary the technique is by making the color band at the top of the nail

16. And why not add rhinestones to the finish?

17. Look how beautiful this idea can look in your nail art!

Did you feel like doing one of these decorated nails? Run practice or call your manicurist now and schedule a time to try these ideas. 😉

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