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160 Couple Questions to Get to Know Your Love Better!


Getting to know a person takes time, experiencing emotions together, sharing moments, discovering their flaws and virtues. Trust is the basis of a relationship, so we bring these questions for couple what can you do to your love so that you can get to know more about each other and have fun together!

Funny questions, random questions, creative, interesting and hot questions to get to know your love better! Keep reading and you will discover the best questions for couple to do to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

150+ Couple Questions to Get to Know Your Love Better!

You will see in this article:

  • Questions for couples to find out if they love you
  • funny couple questions
  • couple relationship questions
  • Couple questions to find out if your partner knows you
  • Couple questions to get to know each other better

Questions for couples to find out if they love you

In this section, we will give you some ideas about love issues. With these couple questions you will be able to know how he/she thinks about different aspects of your relationship and love, in addition, you will be able to know if he/she loves you or if you are just a hobbyist:

• Can you imagine a lifetime by my side?

• What could you not give up for me?

• Do you know 4 things you think we have in common?

• Do you think we are different in something?

• What are you able to give up for me?

• How do you see us 30 years from now?

• What does betrayal mean to you?

• Have you ever thought about cheating on me?

• If I cheated on you, what would you do?

• Do you think trust can be rebuilt after a betrayal?

• What is your way of helping those around you?

• What is special about our relationship?

• Do you think our relationship is better than any you’ve ever had?

• What made you notice me?

• Do you think we are an intimately connected couple?

• What would you like us to do more often?

• What do you expect from this relationship?

• What do you prefer: Living in the same place or moving frequently?

• What would you not be able to forgive?

• Is there anything in our relationship that you would change?

• What would you change about me?

• Is there anything you don’t trust me for?

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funny couple questions

It’s raining and you don’t want to go out? It’s a boring Sunday afternoon and you don’t know what to do? These fun couple questions to ask your sweetheart will entertain them with lots of fun:

• Who came first, the egg or the chicken?

• What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

• Do you consider yourself beautiful, ugly or normal?

• What is your biggest craze?

• Have you ever been attracted to a teacher?

• What are your favorite movies?

• Which fictional character do you identify with?

• What three wishes would you make to a genie?

• What person do you never want to see naked?

• What would you do for 1 million reais?

• What is your favorite sport?

• What did you want to be when you were little?

• What is the oldest memory you have?

• What was your biggest achievement as a child?

• Who are the 5 people who most influenced you?

• If today were your last dinner, what would you eat?

couple relationship questions

As much as two people love each other, if they don’t expect the same in the future, the relationship may not go anywhere. Having clarity about what each one wants is essential for both of you to be happy. In this sense, these couple questions will help you to know what the two expect from the future and, even more, what they expect from each other:

• Have you found in me everything you expect in a partner?

• What would you like to improve in our relationship?

• Do you think you are emotionally dependent?

• You love Me?

• What do you expect from our future?

• What do you think about infidelity?

• How do you envision our relationship 5 years from now?

• What are the 2 adjectives that define me?

• What details in my behavior make you feel loved?

• What would you change about my personality?

• What would you change about my body?

• What things about me would you not tell anyone?

• What are the things I do for you that make you feel loved?

• What would you change about me?

• Is there something about me that you wouldn’t tell anyone?

• At what point did you realize that you were in love with me?

• When did you realize that I was in love with you?

• Do you have questions about our relationship?

• Have you ever told me a lie?

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• What did you think of our first date?

• Have you ever felt jealous of me?

• Are there times when you get tired of me?

• Do you think we will always be together?

• If we didn’t see each other anymore, what would you say to me?

• What makes us unique?

• Do you think I’m a good kisser?

• How do you see our relationship 10 years from now?

• What don’t you like about me?

• What do you like most about me?

Couple questions to find out if your partner knows you

So far we’ve asked you questions to get to know him/her better, but do you know if he/she knows you well? Does he/she pay attention to you when you count his/her things? These couple questions to know if your partner knows you for sure will clear your doubts!

• Where I was born?

• What is my birthday

• Do I like to celebrate my birthday?

• What is my second surname?

• Do I have a nickname I don’t like?

• What is my favorite color?

• Who is my best friend

• What is my biggest fear?

• Am I a light or heavy sleeper?

• Do I like to be hugged?

• I like my job?

• What is my favorite hobby?

• Am I a spender or a saver?

• What irritates me the most?

• What is my favorite season of the year?

• What is my favorite movie or series?

• What is my biggest dream?

• What is my favorite music style?

• Do I have any illnesses?

• What is my favorite food?

• What food do I not like?

• How many partners have I had in my life?

• Would I like to live in another country?

• What are my parents’ and grandparents’ names?


Couple questions to get to know each other better

We all want to share our lives with those who know us well and who understand our way of seeing life. That’s why we’ve prepared these couple questions for you to get to know each other better as a couple. In addition, they can also serve as a game and make you spend a lot of fun times remembering cool things in life:

• What era would you like to live in?

• In which country would you like to live?

• Could you narrate what a perfect date would be in your opinion?

• Have you ever had platonic love?

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• What part of your body would you change?

• What is your biggest fear?

• Which animal do you feel identified with?

• City, beach or mountain?

• Who is your favorite writer?

• Have you ever cheated on someone? (does not necessarily have to be a love partner)

• What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

• If you became a man/woman for a day, what would you do?

• Do you prefer cats or dogs?

• Which superhero would you like to be?

• Hot or cold?

• Sleep in the dark or do you need a light on?

• What do you like to do to relax?

• What is your strongest point?

• What characteristic makes you unique in your opinion?

• Who is the most important person in your life?

• Do you prefer salty or sweet?

• Do you sing in the shower?

• Which celebrity would you have a beer/coffee with?

• What is your best memory?

• What nickname have you ever had that you hated?

• Could you name 5 adjectives that describe your life?

• Would you like to have children?

• What do you prefer: love or money?

• Have you ever fallen in love with a friend?

• Do you think there are aliens?

• Have you ever had paranormal experiences?

• What did you notice about me first?

• Have you met any famous people?

• What show would you like to go to?

• You believe in God?

• Do you believe in reincarnation?

• Do you believe in karma?

• If it were possible, what would you change about your past?

• Which celebrity would you resurrect if you had this power?

• What is more important to you in a person: appearance or personality?

• What would you change in the world?

• Would you like to be immortal?

• What does the word “love” mean to you?

• What is your biggest fear?

• What would you like to be talented at?

• What is your favorite historical character?

• Are you happy with your work?

• Do you lie often?

• What is your favorite song?

• What is your favorite scent

• What phrase defines you?

• How many languages ​​do you speak?






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