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16 Unforgettable Robin Williams Movies That Keep Touching Our Hearts

There are certain actors who seem to have no time off. It was the case of Robin Williams, who kept appearing on the big screen between 1977 and 2015, the year in which his last film was released. With three Oscar nominations as Best Actor and one as Best Supporting Actor, for which he received the coveted golden statuette, Williams has become an icon of the film industry. His contribution to the arts was such that he changed the way of recording comedies for TV, thanks to the agility he gave to his performances.

O incredible.club gathered some of the most emblematic works made by Robin Williams, an actor who was capable of much more than just making you smile. And at the end of the post, you will find a bonus showing some of his performances less known to the public.

1. Patch Adams — Love is Contagious

Patch Adams — Love is Contagious is a film based on the true story of physician Hunter Adams, who finds his purpose in life by helping others. After entering medical school, he decides to explore a strategy little used by his peers: treating patients as people.

two. Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting received nine Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, for which he snapped up the statuette. The film chronicles the relationship between a self-taught mathematician who works as a janitor at MIT and the therapist he is forced to visit to avoid going to prison.

3. Dead Poets Society

4. Awakening Time

This story centers on a doctor who tries to improve the condition of his patients who are in a catatonic state. He finds that some stimuli, such as music or catching a ball, have an impact on patients’ rehabilitation. The doctor also discovers that a drug for epilepsy seems to further improve the health status of patients. Robert De Niro’s performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

5. good morning vietnam

This feature is set in the Vietnam War, and Robin Williams plays a radio announcer who is in charge of reading censored news and playing songs. His usual tasks gain a special touch of humor that is affected when an incident makes the character rethink the real meaning of his functions in a war environment. The film earned Robin Williams an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

6. Love beyond life

The plot of this film makes us imagine life after death in a serious accident. The feature makes us forget Robin Williams’ comic vein a little and presents us with a dramatic and melancholy performance.

7. What to do?

What to do? part of the classic question: what would you do if you only had 90 minutes to live? This is precisely the diagnosis that the protagonist receives due to a mistake made in the hospital. For the rest of the film, he races to right the wrongs of the past.

8. jumanji

9. An Almost Perfect Nanny

An Almost Perfect Nanny is a comedy that explores the power of fatherhood in the midst of a divorce process. The protagonist loses custody of the children, but finds a way to continue participating in the children’s lives, without losing contact with them. Even if it means disguising yourself as someone else.

10. The Bicentennial Man

This film is based on the literary work of Isaac Asimov, addressing, with an air of science fiction, the dilemmas of immortality. The robot protagonist sees all the people he loves die throughout his long existence. At the same time, he tries to make sense of things for human beings.

11. Hook — The Return of Captain Hook

In this film, Robin Williams gives life to a Peter Pan who has forgotten his own identity. An unforeseen event forces him to return to Neverland, where, with the help of Tinkerbell, he will need to remember who he is in order to save his loved ones from danger.

12. Night at the Museum

In the feature, Robin Williams plays Theodore Roosevelt, one of the characters who come to life at night inside a museum. The film stars Ben Stiller, who plays a new watchman. It is he who discovers the amazing world that comes to life while everyone sleeps.

13. jack

14. Portraits of an Obsession

Amidst Robin Williams’ filmography, this film is the one where he plays his most obscure role. A photo lab employee becomes obsessed with photos of a particular client. Undoubtedly, it is one of the less common roles among those played by the actor.

15. The Fisher of Illusions

That film earned Williams an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He plays a beggar who considers himself a Templar knight in search of the Holy Grail. The character meets a radio announcer who needs to find a way to overcome a traumatic event that marked his life.

16. Popeye

Popeye was one of the first films that Williams was in, bringing the iconic comic book character to the big screen.

Bonus: Special Performances

One of the funniest special performances occurred in the series Friends🇧🇷 in which Williams’ participation was not planned. Robin Williams and actor Billy Crystal attended the show’s studio and decided to participate in a completely improvised scene that became memorable. If you want to see it, it’s at the beginning of episode number 24 of the third season.

What is your favorite film with Robin Williams? Do you think he was better in comedies or drama productions? Leave your comment!

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