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16 types of bathroom plants to add a green touch to the environment

All environments in the house deserve attention in decoration and also in landscaping. If you are a fan of this idea and are looking for bathroom plants, you have come to the right place. Below, you can see species that can be used peacefully in this space and also photos to give your corner a new look.

16 easy-to-care bathroom plants to complement the decor

In the following list, you can see which species can survive the bathroom, which is a humid environment. In addition, there are also tips and care for you to keep an eye on. follow up


Easy to care for, the dracaena does not like direct light but needs indirect lighting. Irrigation can be done only once a week. In addition, you can choose between green leaves or yellow stripes.


With more than a thousand species, the begonia is found in versions with only leaves, like the maculata in the image above, and also others with flowers. As it likes moisture, watering should be done whenever the soil is dry, but not soggy. She likes shade, so keep her out of direct sunlight.


This is a plant that does well in both partial shade and full shade, which does not like direct light. As she likes humidity, she does well in an environment like the bathroom. However, the soil must be drained so that it does not get too wet.

Adam’s Rib

With a very tropical appearance, the Adam’s rib survives well in an environment with indirect light or with clarity in just one period of the day. The soil must be drained and fresh. Watering should be done twice a week throughout the year, decreasing the frequency to every 15 days during the winter.


With beautiful delicate flowers, astromelia can be found in a wide variety of colors. She likes humidity, so watering should be done daily. In terms of lighting, it does well in partial shade or full sun.


Extremely easy to care for, succulents only need to be watered when the topsoil is dry. Since they like the sun, it’s worth leaving this type of plant in the brightest spot in your bathroom.


Don’t have a green finger? No problem! Cacti don’t need much maintenance. However, they should be in the brightest spot in your bathroom. Watering can be done between 15 to 20 days. To know exactly when to water the soil, simply check to see if it is dry.


Fern is a great plant request to compose a shelf or hang from a hook. She likes low light and lots of water. It should be watered once or twice a week, but be careful not to soak the soil.

Saint George’s Sword

As it grows vertically, this is a space-free plant, so it can fit even in small bathrooms. It does well in half light and needs to be watered once a week, when the weather is mild, and twice a week, when the temperature is warmer. In addition, it also helps to purify the air.


This is a plant that needs little water and natural light, factors that make it a great choice for the bathroom. Found in several varieties, it is possible to choose large or small versions of peperomia. Water once a week.


In addition to being beautiful, the orchid is a plant that requires simple care. It needs indirect lighting, dry substrate and watering two to three times a week. Also, keep it away from the window, as it is a delicate plant. By following these tips, you will keep your orchid looking beautiful.

boa constrictor

The boa constrictor plant is very adaptable, so it can grow very well in the bathroom. It does well in both full sun and partial shade. Also, water twice a week throughout the year, increasing this amount in summer.


This is a plant that loves heat and humidity, but does not do well in direct sunlight. The asplenium needs to be in a location with indirect lighting. Here, the tip is to avoid wetting the leaves in the center. A good suggestion is to use a spray bottle.

lucky bamboo

Are you looking for a feng shui plant to compose your bathroom decor? Lucky bamboo is a good choice, as it is used to attract prosperity and happiness. To obtain the spiral shape, as in the photo, it is necessary to grow it in a vase with water, which must be changed weekly. If you prefer to plant it in the ground, water it frequently to keep it moist.

money in bunch

With small, dense leaves, the bunch money adapts very well to humid environments. It should be in partial shade and watering should be frequent, but carefully so as not to soak the soil.


On the left in the photo, you see an example of one of several bromeliad species. As the sun can burn its leaves, leave it in a place where it will not receive direct sunlight. Water the leaves every other day to keep them healthy.

Did you imagine finding so many options for bathroom plants? As you can see, the number of species to decorate this environment is quite varied.

20 bathroom plant ideas to make this environment more pleasant

Now, see ideas for bathroom plants that will motivate you to transform this environment. There are many options and one of them may suit you. Follow:

1. Bathroom plants can be placed in a pot on the floor

2. What is a great choice for large species?

3. As shown in this example

4. It’s also worth using a stool

5. And, of course, the sink countertop

6. Another suggestion is to bet on the decoration on shelves

7. That is, any corner of your bathroom is valid

8. But it is important to pay attention to the needs of plants

9. Ferns are well suspended

10. And she is a type of feng shui plant

11. It is worth betting on natural ones

12. And even in artificial plants

13. This makes it easier to decorate the bathroom with plants

14. It opens up a huge range of options

15. That can be from small succulents

16. Even a beautiful green wall

17. So, it’s worth saving the ideas that you liked the most

18. And keep an eye on the necessary care

19. To have beautiful and healthy plants in the bathroom

20. Transforming this environment into a much more charming place!

With so many wonderful options for bathroom plants, it’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? The good thing is that you can combine different species in this corner. Check out crochet basket models that can help you decorate and organize your home.

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