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16 Famous Appearances in Monica’s Gang comics

The characters from Brazil’s most beloved comics have delighted generations of children — and adults — for nearly 60 years. Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali and Cascão are such important figures that they have already received many illustrious visits over the thousands of editions of magazines that have already been released on newsstands.

Therefore, the awesome.club brought together some personalities who appeared in the comic books of the Bairro do Limoeiro gang. They are national and international famous who won fun illustrated versions with the strokes of the genius Maurício de Sousa. Check out!

1. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop has already been present in Maurício de Sousa’s animated universe. In a special edition of the comic book, all the stories had the participation of Michael Jackson (or “Maico Jeca”, as he is called in the comic book). In one of the adventures, the Turma do Penadinho is confused with extras during the recording of a video clip of the star, in the greatest Thriller style.

2. Silvio Santos

In the comic book, Silvio Santos was baptized “Sárvio Sintos”. He participated in the story “Topa Tudo por Amor”, a reference to the titles of two famous attractions of the presenter, Check Everything for Money and In the name of love. In this edition, Mônica participates in a relationship program on TV and hopes to receive a statement from Fabinho. But, in the end, the one who comes out “flirting” with the teeth is Cebolinha, in another one of her infallible plans.

3. Xuxa

4. Beatles

In Maurício de Sousa’s imagination, John Lennon became “Jon”, Paul McCartney became “Pôu”, George Harrison was nicknamed “Xórgi” and Ringo Starr was baptized as “Bingo, o Estrela”. The “Bítous” visited Bairro do Limoeiro in the story “Os 4 Garotos do Parque”, thanks to a magic pencil from Marina that brings their drawings to life. While the children don’t understand anything, the mothers sigh for the Kings of Iê-Iê-Iê.

5. U2

In the same story that pays homage to the British quartet, Marina’s magic pencil strikes again and other music icons appear in the comic book. This time, the girl gives life to U2 (or “Iu-Tu”, as the band is called in the comics) and takes the boys from the group to spend a day at Parque da Mônica.

6. Anita

Pre-pa! The powerful Anitta was not left out. In a story by Xaveco, her sister, Xabéu, invites him to go to a concert by the singer. At first, the boy is embarrassed to tell his friends that he is going to attend a performance by the artist, but he soon discovers that Cebolinha and Cascão are also fans of the artist. popstar “Amita”.

7. friends

Imagine the characters of Maurício de Sousa meeting with the cast of Friends. This unlikely reunion has already happened in the comics. In the story “O Presentevê”, Cebolinha receives a very special birthday present from Franjinha: a technological remote control that transports the group inside the television. Monica ends up on the scene of the famous American series and meets her namesake.

8. William Bonner and Maju Coutinho

9. Captain Nascimento, from Elite squad

The protagonist of the movie “Tropa de Elite” joined the gang in a Petrobras campaign, which celebrated the 500 national films sponsored by the company. While Cebolinha presents her friends with a new plan to steal Samson, Mônica appears by surprise with Captain Nascimento and puts the “buck” to run.

10. Claudia Leitte

Claudia Leitte took axé to Maurício de Sousa’s comic books. In “Estrelas do Limoeiro”, she moves from Salvador to a neighborhood next to the gang. Monica gets jealous when she sees the blonde playing charm to Cebolinha and challenges Claudia in a trio electrico battle. The winner of the musical contest will be crowned the new “owner of the street”.

11. Crazy Boy’s Gang

Have you ever thought about seeing the biggest stars of Brazilian comics together in a story? That crossover The iconic event took place when Maurício de Sousa and Ziraldo teamed up to launch the book “MMMMM — Mônica e Menino Maluquinho na Montanha Mágica”. The meeting was so successful that a second adventure bringing the two groups together was launched: “5… 4… 3… 2… 1 — Monica and Menino Maluquinho Perdidos no Espaço”.

11. Jô Soares

Like every celebrity admired in Brazil, Mônica and Cebolinha were interviewed by none other than Jô Soares. Even the band that accompanied him on the show was represented in the comic book. In the story, the presenter was called “Sô Joares” and invited his friends from Bairro do Limoeiro for a conversation on his sofa.

12. Rita Lee

13. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs left us in 2011 and received a tribute from Maurício de Sousa. In the edition, part of the “Learn More!” series, the Little Angel drops an iPad from the sky. He comes down from the clouds and tells Monica and Cebolinha the story of the famous Apple executive, the mind behind the company’s great inventions.

14. Jonas Brothers

The trio of musicians Jonas Brothers appeared in a comic book by Chico Bento in a very unusual way. In the story “Jonas Bodes”, a wizard named Jonas and his three singing goats, Nico, João and Quevinho (Nick, Joe and Kevin), move to Vila Abobrinha. Thanks to a spell, the animals transform into humans, enchanting the girls in the neighborhood. The issue also features “Frog on the Mountain”, a parody of Miley Cyrus’ famous character Hannah Montana.

15. Superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics

American comic book superheroes have made some fun appearances in the gang’s adventures. One of them took place in the commemorative issue of the 500th issue of Monica’s magazine. Cebolinha watches the many famous characters from the comics that have already hit the mark celebrating together and is gnawing with envy!

16. The Walking Dead

The series undead hunters The Walking Dead have also appeared in Maurício de Sousa’s comic books. In the short story “Os Uólkin Dédis”, the guest stars are a parody of Rick, Daryl and Carl, characters from the American production. The trio pays a visit to the cemetery and mistakes the entire Turma do Penadinho group for zombies.

Which of these distinguished appearances did you find the most fun? Do you remember other famous figures that appeared in the Turma da Mônica comics? Comment!

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