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15+ Series Hidden on Netflix That’s Worth Checking Out

Netflix streaming has a huge variety of movies and series to choose from and it is often difficult to select what to watch. Because of this, we researched, watched and selected 20 foreign series that are little known by the majority of the public, but that have surprising plots and plots. See the list and fall in love!

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18. Ozark

An American drama series that tells the story of the Bird family, the couple who had a relationship of appearances, until Marty ends up getting involved with a Mexican cartel that forces him to launder money. He then moves with his family to a city called the Ozark, to pose as an angel investor and move drug cartel money. A well-crafted plot with many twists and turns.

17. Alias ​​Grace

This series is based on the book of the same name, by Canadian Margaret Atwood. The plot tells the life of Grace who leaves Ireland to try life in Canada in the mid-19th century. The protagonist gets a job as a maid at the Kinnear house, but is accused of murdering her boss and housekeeper. The plot talks about violence against women and its value in the society of the time.

16. Anne with an E

A passionate series with beautiful outdoor settings, based on the book “Anne of Green Gables”. The plot tells the life of the orphan Anne who enters the lives of the single brothers Marilla and Mathew, transforming their routine with her fertile imagination and her different way of seeing life. It all takes place in the quiet town of Avonlea, province of Prince Edward Island, Canada in the early 20th century.

15. Wanted

14. River

A short series that can be marathoned in a day, as it is almost impossible to stop watching. It tells the story of the lonely detective John River and his colleague, Detective Jackie. She was murdered and he is incessantly looking for the person responsible for her death. The plot talks about grief, loneliness, relationship and violence, all to the tune of “Love To Love” by singer Tina Charles.

13. The Alienist

Another detective series, based on the book by Caleb Carr, which takes place in New York in 1895. The alienist Dr. Laszlo is studying the case of a serial killer who curiously prefers to kill young boys who are prostitutes. The doctor tries to understand what motivates and how the killer thinks, as well as trying to prevent further deaths, with the help of his secretary Sara (Dakota Fanning) and an illustrator.

12. Altered Carbon

A futuristic series based on a book of the same name by writer Richard K. Morgan. It tells the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier who wakes up in another body 250 years after his death. As he tries to adapt to his new body, he adapts to a world where the rich use their money to be immortal and young while hiring men like Tak to do the dirty work.

Vince McKee is an ordinary man from Manchester who is asked to drive a gang. He, who lives a frustrating life as a private driver without even being able to pay the bills, ends up accepting the job and finds himself getting into adventures that were not in his plans. This series talks about what some people are capable of doing for good money.

11. Atypical

10. It’s Bruno

A comedy series that tells the story of Malcolm, a resident of Brooklyn and his adventures with his dog named Bruno. Full of jokes and unusual situations, it’s great for having a good laugh without tiring those who are watching, since each episode is only 15 minutes long. Those who like pets will identify with some fun situations of this duo.

9. The Cathedral of the Sea

A historical drama based on the novel by the Spaniard Ildefonso Falcones, which portrays the construction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. Linked to this historic monument is the account of the life of the bastard Arnau Estanyol who was separated from his mother and lost his father at an early age. The plot talks about forbidden passions, power struggle and religiosity that are worth checking out.

8. Leave, Health

Rupert Grint is the protagonist of this British Netflix series. He is a man who has a complicated relationship with his wife; he has a job he detests, where he is underappreciated; and the mother with dementia, thinks he is her other, favorite child. In one of the numerous trips to the doctor pretending to be sick to avoid going to work, he is told he has cancer, a news that can change everything in his life.

7. The Operators

A Hispanic series that portrays the struggle of women for their space in the professional world, in the late 1920s. The story revolves around the lives of 4 young women who leave their cities to try to be a telephone operator and end up becoming friends. An engaging plot that holds the viewer from beginning to end, dealing with delicate themes such as feminism, love, betrayal, power and death.

6. After life — You’ll have to swallow me

A series that talks about grief, loneliness and friendship in a sarcastic way and with a hint of acid humor. The plot tells of Tony, who decides to take out on people his anger at having lost the love of his life so early to cancer. But his friends (a widow, a prostitute and a drug addict), his brother-in-law and his dog end up showing him that life can be a box of surprises.

5. Grand Hotel

A plot that takes place at the beginning of the last century and deals with the story of Julio Olmedo, a boy who works in a beautiful and sophisticated hotel to understand the circumstances of the disappearance of his sister Cristina, who was a chambermaid. He and the hotel owner’s daughter, Alicia, fall in love and she helps him in his search for answers. But Julio and Alicia’s love is forbidden because of the social chasm between them.

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4. Grace and Frankie

A series with many renowned stars like Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen. The story is of two couples who get divorced and the husbands, and partners, assume their decades-old homosexual relationship. In the division of assets, the ex-wives end up living together in the beach house and this unlikely friendship helps them deal with taboos such as sexuality, menopause and self-esteem in the third age.

3. The Rain

A well-crafted Danish series set against the backdrop of a pre- and post-apocalypse futuristic world. The brothers Simone and Rasmus have to deal with a very different reality than what they knew, when they are forced to leave a bunker where they lived in isolation for 6 years. They meet a group of young survivors and realize how difficult it is to deal with the truths about their father.

2. Better Than Us

This series of Russian origin has a futuristic theme where robots live, work and interact with humans. A science fiction film that deals with the conflict problems that would supposedly arise between men and machines with artificial intelligence. A test robot kills a man and flees; and ends up befriending a girl and becoming part of her family in order to hide.

1. Rita

Danish series have surprised us with their well-written scripts and this is the case with Rita. A passionate teacher who cares about her students and causes envy and dislike in her peers because of her unusual methods. Her professional life is complicated and her personal life is no different, as she has an affair with the school principal and still has to deal with her 3 very different children.

Did you like the series selection? Have you separated the ones you want to watch over the weekend? Do you know any? Tell us.

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