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15 recipes that prove that the combination of Ninho milk with Nutella is perfect

Nest milk powder is an old acquaintance of mothers and fathers, as it is fortified with vitamins and usually consumed by children. It basically consists of dehydrated milk. Nutella is a hazelnut cream brand sold practically all over the world. Do you know what happens when these two ingredients mix? The most appetizing candies arise!

Nest Milk Recipes with Nutella are becoming more popular every day, and our mission today is to prove that this fame is fully justified. Yes, desserts with these two items are incredible.

Did curiosity hit? Want to discover the truth with your own eyes – and taste buds? So check out below a selection of the 15 sweetest, photogenic and tasty recipes of the moment.

1. Nest milk pie with Nutella

Just by looking at the picture you can tell that this is a wonderful recipe. The ingredients list includes cornstarch biscuit, butter, condensed milk, cream, colorless gelatin and, of course, Nutella and Leite Ninho. See how to prepare this delight.

2. Nest milk pudding with Nutella ganache

In addition to delicious, this suggestion here is pure practicality. As the pudding is prepared in the microwave, you save time and still dirty little dishes in the kitchen. It only takes five ingredients for the pudding and four for the ganache. Check out the full recipe here.

3. Ninho milk candy with Nutella on the platter

Think of a great option for weekend lunch dessert. It’s this one! The recipe yields 8 servings and takes 30 minutes to prepare + 2 hours in the fridge. The bonbon on the platter has fresh strawberries, which brings a very special touch. Learn how to prepare.

4. Nest milk popsicle with Nutella filling

For those hotter days, nothing better than a popsicle to cool off. And if it’s a Ninho milk popsicle with a generous Nutella filling, even better! Palette or popsicle molds are easily found in markets and stores for R$1.99. Take a look at the step-by-step preparation.

5. Nutella Escondidinho with Ninho milk

The first step to prepare this treat is to prepare a brigadeiro with condensed milk, butter and Ninho milk. This is the first layer of the hideaway. On top, place crackers and a layer of Nutella. Continue alternating until the chosen container is filled. Preparation instructions can be seen here.

6. Nutella pudding with creamy Ninho milk brigadeiro

Another recipe prepared 100% in the microwave. We love it! To make the pudding, you will need 3 eggs, condensed milk, whole milk and Nutella. The brigadeiro takes condensed milk, Ninho milk and a box of cream. See the step by step.

7. Nutella Crepe with Nest Milk

This amazing recipe yields 10 units and takes 30 minutes to prepare. The coolest thing is that you can increase the filling in the way you prefer: with fruits, with guava, with peanut butter or even with your favorite ice cream. Check the preparation details.

8. Nest Milk and Nutella Truffle Pie

Also known as “diet-busting pie”, this recipe here is one of those you need to make at least once in your life. A touch of rum (6 tablespoons) adds even more flavor to the brigadeiro. See how to prepare this version.

9. Nutella Volcano Cake with Nest Milk

You know that cake that spreads stuffing when it’s cut? Here it is. The secret is to prepare the cake in a shape with a hole in the middle. Place Nutella in the center of the cake and cover everything with Ninho milk brigadeiro. Did you like it? Just click on this link to find out how to prepare this delight.

10. Nest milk ice cream with Nutella

Making ice cream at home is not as complicated as you might think. You don’t need any equipment other than the freezer! The hardest part is waiting at least 5 hours, which is how long it takes for the ice cream to get the right texture. Access the preparation method here.

11. Creamy Nutella Cocada with Ninho milk

Cocada is one of those traditional desserts that we absolutely love. When she still has Ninho milk and a Nutella syrup, it’s hard to resist. You prepare this wonder in just 30 minutes. Make mouth water? Then check out the recipe details.

12. Nutella Fondue with Nest Milk

Just imagine dipping your favorite fruits in a hot pool of Ninho and Nutella milk. That’s exactly the idea of ​​this recipe here, which has condensed milk, cream, powdered milk and hazelnut cream in the ingredients list. The method of preparation can be found here.

13. Nutella pastry with Ninho milk

Pastel that doesn’t need a stove or frying? That one! Pastry dough is made with condensed milk, icing sugar and powdered milk. The filling is, quite simply, Nutella! The recipe yields 15 pastries. Double the amounts if you want more. Learn how to prepare.

14. Nutella Cake with Nest Milk

That’s when we ask: how can you not love a soft cake full of creamy frosting? The cake is prepared with eggs, oil, sugar, chocolate powder, wheat flour, yeast and hot water. Two different toppings are made: with Nutella and with Ninho milk! Yes! How about viewing the recipe step by step? Access.

15. Mexican Nest Milk Palette with Nutella on the platter

This Mexican palette on the platter will enter your dreams… The ice cream is made with Ninho milk, and the filling is a tasty Nutella brigadeiro. Ice cream is prepared with cream, powdered milk and condensed milk. It’s a quick and simple recipe. Learn it!

Now that you’ve discovered that the Nutella and Nest milk duo is here to stay, just choose your favorite recipe and enjoy!

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