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15 Photos to prove that some things never change, and we hope they really stay the same

Memories that are dear to us stand the test of time. One way or another, certain things change, while others remain the same. There are images that show how certain aspects of life undergo drastic changes over the years. Our relationships with loved ones, in turn, tend to remain unchanged.

In this article, the awesome.club brings a selection of photos to prove through images the power of time. Check out!

1. “True love, 13 years later”

2. “For Mother’s Day, I also updated one of my mom’s favorite photos (little has changed in 30 years)”

3. “My grandfather and I in Tokyo, 73 years apart”

4. “My friend immersed in her stuffed animal collection, then and now”

5. “Banana Tree in Maui”

“The photo above was taken by my grandfather when he was participating in the Second World War. The bottom one I took without knowing that the previous one existed”

6. “We made a calendar to give my mom for Christmas”

7. “Ten years of difference”

8. “My grandfather’s three living brothers reunited 90 years later on the same farm, in the exact same bank”

9. “Me at 11 and 21 with the same teddy bear”

10. “My little brother and I in 1999 and 2014 on my 18th birthday”

11. “My father and I in the exact same place on the Island of Heligoland, 1977 and 2018”

12. “My brother and I did a ‘before and after’ for Mother’s Day. This is our old home in New Orleans, 1986 and 2011”

13. “We took the same Christmas photo 18 years later. I am the lamb”

14. “We recreated our first Halloween costumes 20 years later”

15. “Four brothers, yesterday and today”

What special memories do you have from the past? Comment and post your photos too!

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