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15 Photos that show the power of passing decades

If you had a twin brother who went into space, he would end up returning a little younger than you. The passage of time changes everything considerably. However, certain things seem to have the ability to preserve essential foundations, those that resist the decades.

We, from awesome.club, we present below images comparing the same place, but with centuries of difference. What has changed and what has stayed the same? Check it out and find out!

1. Landscape in the mountainous region known as Crawford Notch, USA (1839 painting vs. 2019 photo)

2. 1912 French Telephone vs. a contemporary cell phone

3. “My family farm circa 1900 and 2000. It has been in our family for 125 years”

4. Las Vegas in 1895 and Today

5. Rio de Janeiro in 1840 and today

6. “In 2005, my friends and I found the road to Jabba’s Palace near Twenty Mule Team Canyon in Death Valley National Park, California”

7. The ENIAC, first complete Turing machine vs. A modern day computer

8. “My house, 100 years ago and yesterday”

9. “Saw a model of Ancient Rome and had to post this with a Google image showing Rome today”

10. View of Sydney, Australia, circa 1794-1796 and present day

11. “My great grandmother painted this around 1930. The photo is from 2018”

12. 1920s Ford-T and a contemporary car

13. House of Abraham Lincoln

14. Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai: 1959 and 2018

15. “New York Harbor: the top photo was taken by my great grandfather in 1937. The bottom one I took in 2019”

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