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15 People Candidly Talked About Growing Up In A Big Family—And For Some It Was Quite An Adventure

In the late 1970s, women wanted to have more than three children. However, over time, this trend has diminished. As of 2014, we see that the situation has changed dramatically. The previously predominant model — the family with at least four children — was replaced by the one with two. However, there are still people who choose to have larger families.

O awesome.club confirms, once again, that families full of people have their own atmosphere and energy. At the end of the article, we will share a bonus about how one family made the decision to have their second child and what it entailed. Follow!

I’m an only child, and I’m dating a guy who grew up in a big family. Many of his habits drive me crazy! For example, he takes his own forks, spoons and other cutlery and, in all seriousness, does not let anyone else use them. When I bake a cake and say, “Darling, this cake is all for you,” he gets excited like a kid, and every time he repeats that when he was a kid, his dream was to have a whole cake all to himself. © Anna Matveeva / ADMELiving with a big family is when you sing a song once, and then everyone sings it for the whole week. © Maya Mazen / QuoraMy oldest child is 12 years old. He complains that his feet hurt a lot as he is growing. And he loves to mutter to his 6-year-old younger siblings:
“You’re lucky you don’t have anything hurting.”
“Of course, we don’t feel any pain. We are still young. © schewa666 / Pikabu

“I hope you like kids.”

There were 11 children in my family. Daddy used to go to the parents’ conference at school with a notebook. In the notebook, there was a list of all the children and their respective years of birth. It was not necessary to know the name of the class teacher, just tick the box next to the child’s name. He would start in room 1, attend the class meeting for just 10 minutes, then move on to the next one. So he attended all the parent meetings for all his children. © Julia KolesnikI am the second oldest child, I have three brothers and four sisters. Sometimes they think that I am the daughter of my brothers and sisters (my sister is 16 years older than me). Furthermore, as there are always many cars in the driveway of our house, everyone thinks that we sell vehicles. © Maya Mazen / QuoraWhenever something broke, I’d scream from the bedroom, “It wasn’t me!” That way, my parents would know where I was in relation to where the crashing noise came from. It was a simple little trick that saved me several times, especially when my brothers blamed me for things I didn’t do. © ELPwork / Reddit
My parents have seven children, and now we are all adults: the youngest is 24 and the oldest is 42. We have a family tradition of celebrating birthdays at midnight, like on New Year’s, at my parents’ house. parents, to congratulate the birthday boy and then go to sleep. Later, the birthday person decides how he wants to spend his day and with whom. We already had quite interesting choices: restaurants, cafes, saunas, with friends. Today, however, each of us chooses to stay at home with those close to us, our parents, our family. © Room № 6 / VKI am the second of eight children. Dad used to say that a big family should always have an even number of people, because they tend to stick together in pairs. He also said that it was easier to divide the grapefruit that way. © John Roberts / QuoraI grew up with seven siblings. I purposely learned to eat spicy food because no one in my family liked it. When I kept my leftover food in the fridge, other people would only take one bite to realize it was covered in jalapeños and then give up. It worked wonderfully! © EarnestGoesToReddit / Reddit
I have relatives on my father’s side of the family, and they have three children. And it came to pass that two of the brothers married girls, who were sisters. The story started like this: the middle brother started dating a girl, and during dates he introduced his older brother to his girlfriend’s older sister. After some time, the eldest married this girl. And later, the middle one got engaged to his girlfriend. But there was a catch: the sisters had a younger sister, and the brothers had a younger brother. The two also started dating, and after a while they wanted to get married, but the brothers’ mother said, “Guys, give me some time! Please! Enough!” He was 18 at the time, and today I don’t know if they got married or not. © EenHoorn / PikabuI love family gatherings. We had a tradition of having dinner together. Now everyone has grown up and lives in their respective houses, and I still can’t eat alone. So my mother and I, when we sit down at the table, Skype: she eats her breakfast, I have dinner, we chat happily, just like we used to do when we were kids. Sometimes my older sister and her daughter join us, and we all eat together like a big family. © Overheard / IdeerI’m the youngest in a large family, as is my husband. We are all adults and in good financial condition. We lived in a rented apartment when I decided to get pregnant and have my first child. Everyone in my family offered me money for the apartment, they presented me with new furniture, appliances — from beds to diapers. And my sister even paid the hospital costs. Every time my relatives visit me, they bring gifts and money. I feel like a queen, I’m tired of refusing gifts, we already have so many things. It’s so much love and attention, it’s crazy! I think the only grandson and nephew is something that really moved them. © Overheard / Idear
At mealtimes, the pirate creed applies: “Take all, give none!” Is there a piece of bread left? No, I won’t give it to you, it’s mine now, I licked it, so you can’t take it from me anymore. The last piece of the cake? Oh, what a pity, he disappeared, and there’s no point in looking at me like that. © MrTomDawson / RedditWe have a huge family, but nobody likes to cook. They decided to send my sister to study cooking. She learned but lived with us for six months and then got married. We don’t give up there. Every Sunday we go visit her for lunch. All together. We are 14 people. Her husband loves it. Well I think. © Room № 6 / VKOnce our neighbor gave us a very large zucchini. As a joke, we wrapped her in a little cloth, like a baby, and gave her to our little brother to play with. He named her Pebble, and we all took care of her. We would say to each other: “Silence, Pedrinha is sleeping”, and we tried not to make any noise. Then it was time to cook it. Nobody wanted to cut and fry our little Pebble. Therefore, we had to go to the neighbor and exchange the zucchini for another one, which was not so familiar to us. After that, we tried not to think about Pedrinha’s fate and we never played games like that again. © Overheard / Idear

Bonus: Why Some Parents Decide to Have a Second Child

When we had our first child, it was just me, my wife and our baby. When the second one appeared, then it became a gang! I don’t know how to explain it, but this is already a complete family. I don’t regret having the second child one bit. Although I had my doubts as my wife was already 37, it was still worth it. And money has nothing to do with it. Psychologically, you get a million times more. But we are like that, we love children. © 38Partizan / Pikabu

How many people are there in your family? What fun family stories can you share with us? We are curious!

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