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15 gifts for Father’s Day for up to 90 reais

O Father’s Day is coming and you still don’t know what to buy for your dad? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of gifts up to 90 reais for this special celebration. Among the suggestions, you will find options for all styles of fathers and to use on different occasions.

It’s worth remembering that the present has nothing to do with who put you in the world biologically, but rather because of the relationship built. So it’s worth grandfather, stepfather, godfather, uncle, brother or even a friend. The important thing is to use the date to celebrate affection and gratitude for this figure and, who knows, with a special treat.

Check out the complete list below and choose the one that looks like your dad!

20 DIY gifts that cost little and will make your dad very happy

1- Underwear, Reserve, R$79.00. Buy here.

2- Bermuda, Lojas Renner, R$79.90. Buy here.

3- Basic sports pants, C&A, R$59.99. Buy here.

4- Glasses, Eotica, R$89.10. Buy here.

5-Zeus Jogger sneakers, Maga-x, R$59.90. Buy here.

6- Flip flops, Havaianas, R$31.99. Buy here.

7-Half, Lupo, R$27.90. Buy here.

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8- Smartwatch, Smartwatch, R$89.99. Buy here.

9- Father’s Day themed T-shirt, Marisa, R$35.99. Buy here.

10- Jacket, Hering, R$55.99. Buy here.

11- Dress shirt, Youcom, R$89.91. Buy here.

12- Body spray deodorant, Obothecary, R$46.85. Buy here.

13- Deodorant Cologne, Eudora H, R$84.90. Buy here.

14- Macadamia soap, Natura Tododia, R$19.70. Buy here.

15- Black Essential shampoo and perfume, Avon, R$59.90. Buy here.

* The generated links may yield some type of remuneration for Editora Abril. Prices were consulted on Friday (30), and may be subject to change.

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