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15 Eccentric Objects That Were Launched By Luxury Brands

It is very common for luxury brands to include objects in their new collections that have nothing to do with their conventional product line. But the most curious thing about these releases is that although the items often don’t seem exactly useful and the price isn’t very attractive (at least for most people), most sell out quickly.

Today the incredible.club shows you some of the most unexpected products that have been included in the new collections of different luxury brands.

1. Boomerang by Chanel

Coco Chanel’s famous French brand creates and markets haute couture clothing, footwear, bags, perfumes and cosmetics, but in the spring/summer 2017 collection it surprised everyone with a different object. Yes, the brand launched a “luxury” boomerang made of wood and resin.

2. Prada mini robot

3. Skateboard by Versace

Now you too can skate and be fashionable at the same time with Versace’s designer skateboards.

4. Louis Vuitton petanque set

Petanque is a game very similar to boules. In celebration of the centenary of the creation of this French modality, the Louis Vuitton brand has launched an exclusive luxury edition for all lovers of the sport.

Price: originally the value was not disclosed, but currently the set can be found on the internet for up to 3,600 euros

5. Tiffany & Co bubble blower.

Tiffany & Co., the famous company in the jewelry business, presented this very elegant bubble blower (in the center of the image) made of 100% sterling silver.

6. Theodent Chocolate Toothpaste

7. Supreme brand brick

Yep, a brick made by a New York brand that makes skateboards and apparel. The company decided to surprise its fans with different objects. It’s not really clear what this brick’s function is, but in principle it looks great to use as a paperweight or door stopper.

Price: Originally it was around $30 USD, but can currently be found online for up to $240 USD

8. Accessories with “leftovers” from Hermès

Hermès, a brand that advocates recycling and reuse of products, created the collection Petit H, made with leftover materials (leather, fabrics, zippers, etc.) from its main collections. A beautiful initiative that unfortunately we cannot contribute to, because the prices are all too steep.

9. Perfume (stuffed animal) by Moschino

This cute stuffed animal is not made for children. As the slogan itself says, This is not a Moschino toy (This is not a Moschino toy) is a perfume that was launched in a super original way.

10. Versace decorative data

Hanging this data on the rear view mirror makes any car more luxurious. For those who cannot live without this detail, they are available in the current collection and can be purchased on the official website.

11. Chess by Tiffany & Co.

You can try asking Santa next Christmas for this wonderful chess set made of sterling silver, 24k gold and a wooden base. Even his box is pure silver. Unfortunately, a price out of reach for most people.

12. Clip by Prada

13. Hermès soap dispenser

14. Supreme toothpicks

The Supreme brand deserved an exclusive post about the peculiar objects it sells at a price in gold: fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, inflatable mattresses and red Oreo cookies with the company’s logo, among others. Even minty toothpicks they invented to sell, and the success was, as always, instantaneous!

15. Luxury toilet paper from “Chinatown Market”

And, finally, we show the patterned toilet paper created by the trendy brand Chinatown Market for the autumn/winter 2019 collection, presented at the ComplexCon festival that year.

Price: we don’t know exactly what the initial price was, but nowadays the product is out of stock and can only be found on the Internet, always with very varied prices, which can cost as much as 140 dollars per roll.

What other products would you like luxury brands to include in their upcoming collections? Know another quirky item from one of these or other brands?

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