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15 different uses of aluminum foil you need to know

Aluminum foil is the favorite of housewives when it comes to covering bowls without a lid, or lining the forms that will house food that will release a lot of liquid and fat, such as chicken, pork or beef to be roasted. However, its use goes far beyond what most people know.

Check out 15 different ways you can use aluminum foil to solve small everyday problems at home:

1. Keep the bread warm

To hold the heat of the warm bread to be served at the table, just line the shape in which it will be arranged with aluminum foil. If you don’t want the foil to show, layer it on top with paper napkins.

2. Protect door handles and hinges from splashes

When painting doors, covering the handles and hinges with aluminum foil is a good option to prevent them from losing their original shine.

3. Move heavy furniture with ease

To do this, just place pieces of aluminum foil under the furniture feet and drag it. Aluminum foil, in addition to not scratching the floor, promotes easy sliding.

4. Fix battery compartments

The compartments where the batteries of equipment are placed often have a bent spring, which prevents the battery from working. To solve this problem, just fit a piece of aluminum foil in the existing gap, as it will help the pile to be firmer, without disturbing its energy conduction.

5. Extend soap life

Soaps wrapped in aluminum foil last longer as this product wicks away moisture that would promote wear.

6. Iron clothes faster

Placing a few sheets under the ironing board cover retains the heat of the iron on the board as well, making the process more agile.

7. Protect hair dye glasses

Many women who have a vision problem need to wear their glasses while dyeing their hair. To prevent the object from staining, just wrap the frame with aluminum foil.

8. Ironing delicate fabrics

Fabrics such as silk, wool or viscose wrinkle very easily. To avoid having to rely on a professional service just to keep them smooth, just place a sheet of aluminum foil on top of the garment when ironing, so that the heat needed to make the garment smooth will be transmitted without damaging the fabric. .

9. Break up brown sugar granules

The recipe for making the brown sugar fine granules is simple: preheat the oven to 300 degrees, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, spread the brown sugar on top and bake in the oven for about 5 minutes.

10. Baking a cake

Icing bags can be replaced with aluminum foil sheets rolled into a cone shape with the bottom open and the top attached. So, there are no more excuses for not making covers with beautiful designs.

11. Make the pie crusts crunchier

An easy and foolproof method to make pie crusts crispy while keeping them from burning is to take the pie out of the oven a little after the middle of the baking process and cover it with aluminum foil.

12. Shine metal objects

Line a large pan or bowl with aluminum foil, fill with cold water and add two teaspoons of salt. Submerge your blackened or rusty metal objects in this water and let it soak for about three minutes. Then just rinse the water and let it dry.

13. Clean the grill

Before using the grill, line the bottom with aluminum foil so that you can more easily collect the fat and food residues. In addition, aluminum foil also helps to remove dirt stuck to the grids, just rub a cookie of this paper over them.

14. Sharpen the scissors

Nobody likes to handle blunt scissors. To sharpen them, just make them cut sheets of aluminum foil.

15. Reuse wet steel wool

To avoid having to throw away the dampened steel wool after a brief use due to possible rust, just place it on a crumpled ball of aluminum foil. You can also store used steel wool in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil.

Do you know which is the correct side to use aluminum foil?

The shiny side is the side that must be in contact with the food to be baked. As it is the part that reflects heat waves, putting it inside makes the process easier and faster. Another advantage of using the shiny side on the inside is that as this side is smoother, the food will stick less, so your plate looks prettier and you don’t lose the crispy parts of your roast stuck to the paper. So remember: matte side out, glossy side in.

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