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15 Brides whose wedding shoes became true icons

Although they are often a hidden accessory under the dress, shoes are essential pieces for brides to look perfect from head to toe on their wedding day. Some celebrities took it very seriously and are remembered for wearing impeccable designs on their feet on this momentous day.

O awesome.club listed the celebrity bridal shoes that continue to look sensational. Many of the girls on our team have already confessed that they dream of wearing shoes similar to theirs at their weddings. We invite you to discover what they are. spoiler: royalty always takes the lead.

1. Pippa Middleton

In May 2017, Duchess Kate Middleton’s younger sister married businessman James Matthews. For the religious ceremony, she chose a lace dress by Giles Deacon, combining it with a pair of satin heels by famous designer Manolo Blahnik, in ivory, with details in pearls. They are valued at approximately R$14,000.

2. Kate Moss

In 2011, British model Kate Moss and rocker Jamie Hince got married. Kate chose a vintage dress by designer John Galliano. It was not the dress, however, that became famous, but the heeled sandal by Manolo Blahnik, which had to be “remade” several times, until it became a work of art in the eyes of the bride. Manolo confessed: “the sandals were reformulated five times. The day before the ceremony, there was still a lot of jewelry to be put on from the jump. We work until midnight.” The result was a Godiche-style high-heeled sandal loaded with rhinestones, which formed a perfect duo with the dress.

3. Princess Diana

In the summer of 1981, Diana, just 20 years old, married Prince Charles. This wedding was a true dream from start to finish and the Princess of Wales’s dress was up to the occasion. On her walk through Saint Paul’s Cathedral, she wore a Victorian gown by designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. To match this work of art, shoemaker Clive Shilton was commissioned to create, in approximately six months, shoes fit for royalty.

The shoes were low-heeled, to disguise Diana’s stature, covered in 542 sequins and 132 pearls. To decorate the upper part, the princess chose a brooch in the shape of a heart. The sole is lined with a suede fabric to prevent tripping and, on the arch of the foot, a hand-painted design of flowers was made. There was also a secret detail: the initials of the royal couple as a symbol of their love.

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4. Yoko Ono

No high heels or strappy sandals. That’s how Yoko Ono married one of the members of Beatles🇧🇷 The year was 1969, a time when there was no tendency for brides to wear flat shoes. But Yoko did not abandon her particular style and chose a pair of sneakers from the Italian brand Superga in impeccable white and wore socks that reached the knee, matching a miniskirt in the same color. Currently, the Superga brand is recognized among singers, actresses, models and even royalty.

5. Grace Kelly

The American-Irish actress joined the crown of Monaco by marrying Prince Rainier III. For her big ceremony, she wore a Helen Rose dress, which she paired with a pair of David Evins shoes; classic and white, with rounded tips and a 5 cm heel. The main feature of the shoe design was the cord, which surrounded the lace trim, with a rosette on the upper part, which, in turn, was decorated with pearls and beads. There was a secret detail: Grace had a copper penny coin sewn into her left shoe for good luck, following ancient Irish beliefs. Currently, both the dress and the shoes worn by the actress are on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

6. Queen Letizia

From journalist to Queen of Spain, Letizia’s life took a turn on her wedding day to the now King Philip VI. At the ceremony, she wore a natural silk dress, with fine embroidery, designed by Manuel Pertegaz, with a train of almost 5 meters. The heels, created by Manolo Blahnik, were 10 cm high and made of the same fabric as the dress. They had an openwork fabric on the side of one side and a teardrop ribbon with a bow detail on the instep.

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8. Victoria of Sweden

In 2010, Princess Victoria sported a wedding dress by designer Pär Engsheden. Her shoes, from the Roger Vivier brand, had a buckle encrusted with stones imitating diamonds and were even lined with the same fabric as the dress. Bruno Frisoni, responsible for creating the piece, admitted feeling “privileged, because the relationship with royalty lasts with a lot of glamor and elegance”. It is worth remembering that Roger Vivier, creator of the brand, was responsible for creating the shoes worn by none other than Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation.

9. Hailey Baldwin

The model married singer Justin Bieber and, at the parties leading up to the ceremony, wore an ivory miniskirt, with uncovered shoulders, designed by stylist Vivienne Westwood. She combined the outfit with custom sneakers from Jimmy Choo, the company she also chose to make her sandals for the wedding. And although the model used was already a classic, it was accompanied by two tulle ribbons, simulating a pair of huge bows attached to the ankle strap, very similar to the Aveline 100 model.

10. Kate Middleton

Few details were revealed about Kate and William’s wedding in 2011. There was so much confidentiality that, just four years after the royal union, the model and brand of shoes used by the Duchess at the ceremony were revealed. They had satin heels, in ivory, with hand-embroidered lace. The work was done by the Royal Sewing School, the same house responsible for the dress, which, in turn, was signed by Sarah Burton especially for the Alexander McQueen brand. Both the dress and the shoe were on display at Buckingham Palace.

11. Chiara Ferragni

Expectations for everything this famous Italian designer would wear during her wedding were huge. And, in the end, she lived up to what everyone expected. Chiara wore three different outfits. The shoes she wore were created by Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, with a heel of just 6 cm and a ribbon embroidered with the bride’s name. “Each letter is an individual accessory; so each one was uniquely created and then fitted together,” shared one of the shoe’s stylists. In addition, gold and a black diamond that Maria Grazia requested were used. In order for Chiara Ferragni to feel comfortable throughout the event, the shoe brand also designed other shoes, which she wore.

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12. Madeleine of Sweden

With her characteristic touch of elegance, Princess Madalena wore an organza dress with the signature of Valentino Garavani on her wedding day. She paired this lace dress with stiletto heels by exclusive designer Óscar de la Renta. The piece had, as a highlight, small stitches (discreet, but elegant) and a very thin strap to fasten the ankle.

13. Beatrice Borromeo

Known as one of the most elegant couples in the European crown, Beatrice and Pierre Casiraghi wore five different outfits for their ceremonies and receptions. The princess wore dresses by Italian designers Valentino and Giorgio Armani. And the piece most praised by the specialists was a white tulle Armani dress, Greek-inspired, which stood out with a modern touch right on the feet: bold metallic sandals with intertwined straps, an accessory rarely seen at classic royal weddings.

14. Olivia Palermo

Olivia didn’t just look stunning in her signature three-piece dress from designer Carolina Herrera. Her feet also drew attention. Following the tradition of wearing something blue for good luck, Olivia chose the same iconic heels seen at her wedding in the series. sex and the city: the Manolo Blahnik shoes in cobalt blue, decorated with a rhinestone buckle on the front.

15. Charlotte Casiraghi

Another royal bride who went out of the way was Charlotte Casiraghi. For the religious ceremony, she wore a low-cut Chanel dress and walked down the aisle with surprising and elegant white pointed heels, closed in the front, simulating a boot. This model was part of the haute couture collection of the French brand.

Have you got married or intend to get married? What is your dream style for a wedding ceremony?

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