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15 awkward moments in sex that shouldn’t be taken seriously

Sex is one of the most overrated human activities. While we understand that it has its importance and that most people appreciate it, we are very wrong by creating unrealistic expectations about the moment.

During the H hour, a lot can happen and it’s not always sensual situations. It’s common for something unexpected to happen, like the bed breaking or a new sex toy that you’ve decided to try seems so ridiculous that you can’t stop laughing.

This is all very natural and anyone can go through situations like this. The secret is not to take it too seriously, after all, the purpose of sex, in general, is fun. So don’t worry about it. Check out below some slips that can happen to any couple and why they should not be taken seriously.

1. When he breaks

Cast the first stone if you never lost your lust during or at the beginning of a relationship. Blowjob is something totally natural and doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you. Man is human, it does not require him to function like a robot, it is not possible to always be 100% ready or ready. So, if you’ve noticed that your partner’s penis hasn’t reacted even to your best caresses, maybe it’s time to ask him to see a movie and save sex for another time. No crisis!

2. When the vagina makes strange noises

Vaginal flatus is a natural reaction of the vagina, especially after having sex in positions that favor air entry into the canal. At first, it may refer to flatulence, but it has no smell. So if it rolls, don’t worry about it. And if the cat doesn’t understand, explain to him that it’s normal and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

3. When, in the midst of sex, you lose the will

If that happens, the best thing to do is stop. It’s not worth insisting. Get together in the kitchen and make something nice to eat or go out for a walk. Having sex just to meet the table is not necessary. It is also valid to say that this should not become paranoia between you, because it is something normal, which can happen to any couple.

4. When something funny happens

Who hasn’t had that moment when something so bizarre happens that it’s just impossible to stop laughing? If this happens, enjoy the moment and if possible, continue the sex afterwards.

5. When the vagina just doesn’t cooperate

Your partner has done everything: using his fingers, using his tongue, making out, betting on lube – and nothing! His mind is full of lust, but her vagina just doesn’t get wet. In these cases, the best thing is to leave it for another day and not force the bar. If the event is frequent, it is suggested to consult a gynecologist about it. But don’t be charging yourself about it, as it is also a natural process of the body.

6. When someone takes a tumble

Who has never tripped, skidded or slipped on something during sex? Especially when the moment gets really excited, this is very likely to happen. Whether with you or him, if there is a fall, make sure everything is in place and that no one was hurt and continue (if there is a willingness).

7. When the new position doesn’t work

It is very common for the couple, when trying a new or more exotic position, to have difficulties and the moment, which was supposed to be sensual, becomes funny. However, it is important not to give up, try more times until you can do it comfortably. And if it really never works out, it might be better to opt for other positions.

8. When the penis escapes

If this happens, make sure none of you are hurt and if all is well, continue. When the movements are faster and the vagina is well lubricated, it is common for this type of slip to happen. But don’t let that shake the moment.

9. When he “misses” the target

If by chance your partner tries to place his penis in the “wrong” spot, gently warn him and use your hand to direct him to the right spot. However, this “mistake” can even serve as a provocation for you to try something new, why not?

10. When you choke on oral sex

If this happens, don’t let the penis go so deep next time and make it clear to your partner that he doesn’t need to support your head down with his hands so you don’t choke again. Sex is healthy, but it also needs to be done with some care so you don’t get hurt.

11. When the condom doesn’t work

Some condom packages are real challenges to open. Couple that with the excitement and nervousness of the moment and the sum can be a small disaster. But a determined couple doesn’t let themselves be swayed by a condom that doesn’t cooperate. If necessary, wait a while, start over and put on another condom. It is very important that they do not stop using condoms, even when everything seems to work against them.

12. When the breast starts to leak milk

For women who are breastfeeding, it is common for the breast to leak a little milk or even “squirt” the liquid, especially for those who have a lot of milk. Explain this to your partner to let them know that it’s a normal process, that there’s nothing to worry about. And if you want to prevent leakage, there are patches and bras that help stop the flow, but remember that it is not necessary to hide this as it is a natural part of breastfeeding, it should never be a reason to be ashamed.

13. When menstruation decides to come down during the act

Another surprise that can happen naturally to any woman who still has her normal menstrual cycle. If, when it happened, you were uncomfortable with the menstrual flow, one option is to go to the bathroom and enjoy sex during the bath. And if you want to continue where you are, just cover the surface with a towel to avoid stains on sheets, sofas, etc.

14. When a phone rings

To answer or not to answer? It’s the question that comes to mind whenever the phone rings at H time. If possible, check who is calling and if you can, leave it for later. If it’s something urgent, answer it and then start over. Do not give up.

15. When gases are uncontrollable

Anyone who’s been through this knows how embarrassing and traumatic it can be, especially if you’re responsible for the unwanted gas. If the partner is your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, it’s easier to get over it, but if it’s that cat you’re meeting and super in love with him, the moment can be more difficult. However, in both cases, we cannot take it too seriously and we must remember that anyone can go through this, because it is normal to have a day of uncontrolled gas. If it happens to you, apologize, let the place air out a little and then start the activity again. And if it happens to your partner, be understanding, after all, it could have happened to you too.

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