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15 Actors Whose Personality Didn’t Connect With The Characters They Played

The process of selecting actors to play characters in movies and series is usually quite complex. It involves understanding the characteristics of these characters and the artists, personal preferences of each professional in terms of work style and, above all, knowing which stars and stars are well with the critics and the public – which, many times, makes the choice fall on consecrated names, even if they are not so aligned with the roles. But sometimes that kind of choice dooms the film to failure. The film may even do well at the box office, but critics and viewers are not forgiving.

O awesome.club decided to recall the cases in which the actors’ choices ended up being miscalculated. Follow up!

1. Snow White — Kristen Stewart

The producers’ decision to cast the “Twilight” star in the project had in mind to attract the actress’s considerable army of fans, but the choice turned out not to be very successful. For the role of Snow White, it was necessary to express a range of emotions, but the actress hardly changed her expression throughout the film. This was especially off-kilter because her co-stars — Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth — were so convincing in their performances. “She (Kristen Stewart) acted ridiculously poorly, alternating between two facial expressions with her mouth slightly open,” said critics.

2. Jack Reacher — Tom Cruise

Height: 1.95 m. Weight: 100 to 113 kg. Chest circumference: 127 cm. This is how the main character in Lee Child’s books about police officer Jack Racher was described, characteristics that, of course, should have weighed on the choice of lead actor. But the chosen one was the short Tom Cruise, 1.70 m. The choice of the actor for this role disappointed readers and critics and even the author himself. “I really enjoyed working with Cruise. He’s an incredibly nice guy and we had a lot of fun. But still the readers are right. The Reacher’s physical characteristics are really very important. That’s a significant component of who he is,” Child admitted in an interview.

3. Constantine — Keanu Reeves

The role of John Constantine is one of the highlights in the actor’s filmography; however there is a clear discrepancy with the character’s image. In Francis Lawrence’s film, the main character is portrayed as a tired British man with a sour sense of humor. Many fans even suggested that this role would be more suited to Hugh Laurie, the star of the series “House”. And Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, even with all the actor’s talent, left a little to be desired in terms of intelligence and charm.

4. Sherlock Holmes — Robert Downey Jr

“He was over six feet tall, but with his extraordinary thinness, he looked even taller. His thin eagle nose gives his face an expression of vitality and determination. The square, slightly protruding chin also expressed a firm character.” This is how Arthur Conan Doyle described Holmes. In the case of Robert Downey Jr., the discrepancies between the actor and the character affected not only his appearance but also the development of the role. As noted by critics, in Guy Ritchie’s film, the detective with his restless temper looked more like Indiana Jones or James Bond.

5. Mary Corleone — Sofia Coppola

The last part of the Godfather trilogy, according to critics, was not as good as the first two in many ways. One of them is Sofia Coppola’s performance in the role of Mary Corleone. Francis Ford Coppola called his daughter into the studio when he was forced to urgently look for a replacement for Winona Ryder. But between Mary and Vincent there was no chemistry and the character’s death scene was not only unconvincing, but also ridiculous. It is not surprising, because Sofia Coppola, at the time of filming, had practically no acting experience. Critics disapproved of the director’s decision and harshly criticized the actress at the time.

6. Scott Pilgrim — Michael Cera

“Scott, played by Cera, is a silly loser in a hoodie. This is the image that Michael Cera will probably be remembered for until the end of his days,” critics said. The actor’s performance for the character was very indecisive and lazy. Such a reading of the role would be appropriate if the film were satire from beginning to end, but here we have a simple discrepancy.

7. Emma Morley — Anne Hathaway

At the beginning of the book, David Nicholls describes Emma Morley as an insecure girl, with a few extra pounds, pimples and freckles. Hathaway, frankly, is completely Emma’s bet. To try to disguise the actress’ appearance and natural beauty, they gave her glasses and messed up her hair a little. But that was clearly not enough.

8. Geralt — Henry Cavill

Although the Netflix series “The Witcher” is scheduled to be released only in December, controversy has already erupted around it, mainly due to the choice of the actor for the lead role. Even though they haven’t seen Henry Cavill in action yet, many fans of the book and game series were disappointed with the producers’ decision and claim they have a totally different conception when imagining Geralt. In the books, the hero is older, a little thin (unlike Cavill with his athletic physique), and certainly not a Hollywood actor handsome. Many netizens suggested that the role of Geralt should be played by Mads Mikkelsen, from the series “Hannibal”.

9. Mystique — Jennifer Lawrence

“The mystique played by Lawrence is more reminiscent of Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’, who entered the world of the X-Men and became a symbol of peace and hope, a sort of ‘Mockingjay’ for mutants,” wrote the specialist website Screen Rant. Unfortunately, the Oscar and 3 Golden Globe winner in that role was completely unconvincing. When Mystique gave her farewell speech, she sounded more like a child raising her voice to sound like an adult.

10. Prince of Persia — Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a talented and multifaceted actor, but the construction of his image as Prince of Persia seemed, to say the least, ridiculous. Although the actor worked hard at the gym for months, honing his fitness, the producers’ choice disappointed critics and viewers alike. Some even said that Gyllenhaal looked more like a prince cosplay than a real character.

11. Allison Angie — Emma Stone

The main discrepancy between the actress and her role is that the character in the romantic comedy “Aloha” was Asian. Allison Angie is one-quarter Hawaiian and one-quarter Chinese, while Emma Stone is an all-white girl with big green eyes. This discrepancy caused such heated discussions on the Internet that the director and even the actress herself had to apologize. The comedy ended up receiving extremely low ratings from critics and viewers.

12. Alexander the Great — Colin Farrell

“Colin Farrell’s Alexandre is more of a desperate housewife than a brave warrior. He cries constantly, his voice is shaky and his eyes are constantly filled with tears,” the critics concluded. The star’s physical profile also leaves a lot to be desired: even a wig and lit eyebrows didn’t help him look like someone from Macedonia.

13. Norman Bates — Vince Vaughn

“Vaughn, unsurprisingly, is the film’s weakest point,” said critics. Although in the late 1990s comedian roles still hadn’t stereotyped the actor, he didn’t do well in the film adaptation of Robert Bloch’s “Psycho.” Vince Vaughn’s portrayal of Norman Bates sounded overly theatrical and heavy, while the character was supposed to cause the audience a subtle unease and an unpleasant chill.

14. The Joker — Jared Leto

“Leto’s performance as the Joker turned out to be worse than it could have been, i.e. boring,” wrote the publication Complex. But the actor caused displeasure in fans not only because of the performance, but also because of the appearance of the character. Extremely acidic green hair, grillz on his teeth, countless tattoos on his face and body — the Joker image from “Suicide Squad” was overwhelmed. Leto and the producers sought to create a modern-day villain, but the result sounded forced and excessive. Watch the latest movie, with Joaquín Phoenix in the role of the villain, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

15. Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray — Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

“There is no chemistry between Dornan and Johnson; the bed scenes are rather awkward and lack the passion the characters have for each other and the proper depravity on the part of Christian Grey. And if Dakota Johnson, although not very well, tried to make her character deeper, Dornan’s performance sounded to the audience like that of a door.

Do you agree that the other actors should have played the characters above? Who should have been asked for these roles? And what other films notable for the discrepancy between the actor and the character do you know? Tell us in the comments section.

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