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14 truffled Easter egg recipes to melt with so much flavor

It’s hard to talk about Easter without thinking about an Easter egg, isn’t it? The ants are already excited, everyone salivates and there is no shortage of options. How about preparing a truffled Easter egg this year? See the best recipes:

1. Traditional truffled Easter egg

In this video, you learn the basic step by step to prepare your truffled egg. You will need your Easter egg shells, the filling of your choice, a scale and melted chocolate to finish the inner shell. Watch the tutorial to get all the tips on this delicate process, but it’s so worth it!

2. Truffled and stuffed Easter egg

Here, the method of preparation is well explained and, again, you can make it with the filling that your creativity sends, the important thing is to perfect the cone and let each step cool down well so your egg is tasty and also beautiful. See how to do it.

3. Spoon truffled Easter egg

This truffled egg option takes gluten-free chocolate cake and semisweet chocolate ganache, in addition to egg shells. Throughout the recipe, the use of vegetable milk and milk-free chocolate is indicated in the composition, thus being an option for the intolerant and vegans on duty.

4. Alpine truffled Easter egg

If Alpine is your favorite candy, you can’t ignore this Easter egg. The suggestion is that you buy the Alpine egg and increase it, but nothing prevents you from making the Alpine shells for your egg yourself. On top of them are layers of ganache, chocolate cake and Alpine truffles. Check out the full recipe.

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5. Easter egg truffled with Oreo

Another favorite filling is Oreo, for those who love white chocolate, there’s no mistake! Write down the ingredients: Oreo cookies, white chocolate and heavy cream. No, you didn’t skip any lines, that’s all! Run to see the step by step!

6. Vegan truffled Easter egg

To prepare this egg, the usual process: melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and shape the chocolate shells. While you let the halves harden, go for the truffle: chocolate, soy cream, glucose and almond essence for chocolate. Then just assemble your truffled egg!

7. Passion fruit truffle Easter egg

White chocolate, milk cream and passion fruit juice form the filling, then just let the cream freeze until firm. For the egg shell, the tip is to use a quality fractionated chocolate, which does not need the tempering process. When both parts are cool, just assemble and finish with a final layer of chocolate.

8. Prestige Truffled Easter Egg

This egg is one of those to eat praying from the first bite to the last! Start by preparing the kiss filling so that it has time to cool down. Then go for the tempering of the chocolate – despite the difficult name, the video explains everything in a simple way, tim-tim by tim-tim! Then finish the cones, fill them, close them and leave the fridge for another 30 minutes.

9. Nutella truffled Easter egg

Nutella lovers also deserve a special recipe for Easter! You make the egg shell as usual, melting the chocolate, molding it into the shapes and letting it harden in the fridge. For the filling, melted chocolate ganache, cream and, of course, lots of Nutella! What are you waiting for to make this delight at home?

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10. Cherry Truffle Easter Egg

This is a well-balanced and tasty option, being a great choice for gifting or selling this Easter. Imagine: milk chocolate cone with a generous filling of white truffle with cherries and more chocolate to finish. There’s no way this egg won’t be a hit with your friends and customers!

11. Sensation truffled Easter egg

For the more traditional ones, this Sensação truffled egg is right! For the filling, you will need strawberry, sugar, white chocolate, cream and a drop of red food coloring. To make the cone step easier, bet on the fractionated chocolate, so just melt it and shape it in the molds. Smart tip: add the stuffing before taking the cone out of the mold, ensuring it doesn’t break in the process.

12. Truffled Easter egg with kiss

Here, the first step is to temper the chocolate and shape the shells. While they harden in the fridge, prepare the kiss with condensed milk, coconut and butter. Finally, just add the filling and the final layer of chocolate. In addition to the beijinho, you can stuff your egg with other types of brigadeiro, from the traditional to the petit worm.

13. Cookie Truffle Easter Egg with Caramel

Another recipe that contemplates the lactose intolerant, vegans and lovers of chocolate delights. First, prepare the cookies. Then make the ganache with semisweet chocolate and cream, and the caramel with sugar and cream. Finally, make your cones with semisweet chocolate, wait for everything to cool down and just assemble as shown in the video. This combination will win you over!

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14. 3 delicious truffled Easter eggs

That tip of the fractionated chocolate was also used in the cones of this recipe, saving the time of tempering. The highlight of this video are the three different filling options that you will learn: gourmet passion fruit brigadeiro, strawberry brigadeiro and prestige. The ideal point for fillings is the spoon brigadeiro, to make your egg super creamy!

With all these delicious recipes, your Easter will be even sweeter! Take the opportunity to test the ones you liked the most and sweeten the lives of those you like. If you still haven’t decided exactly what kind of egg you want to prepare this Easter, also check out our spoon egg recipes!

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