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14 sorbet recipes to cool off the hottest days

Refreshing and full of flavor, sorbet is a dessert also known as fruit ice cream. Unlike traditional ice cream, it does not have a base of milk, cream or egg yolk, taking only fruit juice, sugar and cold water in its preparation.

With a consistency that refers to the popular slushie, it has a grainy texture and sweet flavor. A light alternative, it can be used to cleanse the palate between tasting one dish and another. The preparation possibilities are numerous, including the use of alcoholic beverages. Check out a selection of tasty sorbet recipes below and get inspired:

1. Watermelon sorbet

A tasty and refreshing option, here the fruit chosen is watermelon, dispensing with the addition of water to the recipe. If you wish, you can use vodka to create a special sorbet, making it the ideal dessert for happy hour. Check out the full step by step.

2. Acai sorbet

Using this popular fruit, it is possible to make a sorbet rich in flavors and textures. To add crunch to the dish, the author suggests sprinkling a flaked tapioca farofa over the dessert, enhancing the look and flavor. The creaminess of the sorbet is conferred by the base with Italian meringue. See more details.

3. Lemon sorbet with apple crumble

The idea of ​​this recipe is to add a crunchy element to the candy. Taking advantage of gluten-free cookies, the suggestion is to prepare an apple crumble with clarified butter that will make a difference when trying this dessert. Follow the step by step.

4. Mango sorbet with almond cookies

Served in the form of a sandwich, here the sorbet takes only fruit, water and lemon juice in its preparation. Cookies are made with a base of wheat flour, sugar, lemon juice, butter and almonds. See how to prepare.

5. Mango Ginger Sorbet

A well-balanced option, here the different ingredients have specific functions: while the mango guarantees a sweet taste, the lemon adds acidity and the ginger completes the dish, giving it a spicy taste. Check the recipe details.

6. Persimmon sorbet

A great idea to enjoy this fruit in a different way. With just three ingredients, it is possible to prepare an easy and practical recipe, ideal for cooling off on the hottest days. Run and see the ingredients list.

7. Lychee sorbet

Another recipe that uses a more exotic fruit to prepare a tasty sorbet. As the lychee has large amounts of water, the author added an egg white to the electric ice cream maker to ensure greater creaminess to the candy. Learn the details of its preparation.

8. Raspberry and Apple Sorbet

A good option for those on a sugar-restricted diet, this recipe uses ready-made, unsweetened boxed apple juice to sweeten the dessert. In addition to it, the recipe only takes two more ingredients: frozen raspberry pulp and drinking water. Know more.

9. Pink lemonade sorbet

Taking few ingredients, this recipe surprises in taste and appearance. With a base of lemonade and juice of your favorite red fruit, it is possible to increase the lemon flavor, creating a totally new dessert. See the full recipe.

10. Passion fruit sorbet

The sweet taste of this dessert is guaranteed by the choice of sweet passion fruit and enhanced with the use of refined sugar. To provide an alcoholic content to the candy, it is worth adding aged cachaça to the mixture, resulting in a surprising final flavor. Access the recipe and get to work.

11. Strawberry and blueberry sorbet

The pronounced flavor of this sorbet comes from the mixture of strawberry, blueberry and lemon juice. For this recipe, an electric ice cream machine is not needed: the entire process to ensure an airy textured dessert is done manually, with the help of a fork. Check your preparation method.

12. Coconut and banana sorbet

A restaurant-worthy dessert! In addition to the super-refreshing coconut sorbet, the author teaches how to prepare a “bruletized” banana, sugared and caramelized coconut pieces and a tasty chocolate syrup. Learn how to make this delight.

13. Strawberry sorbet

In this version, the ingredient chosen to sweeten the dessert is honey, dispensing with the use of refined sugar. To prepare, just beat the frozen strawberry and honey in the processor, in a super simple and quick preparation process. Check out!

14. Lemon sorbet with strawberry syrup

Here the lemon chosen to be the base of the sorbet is the Sicilian one, with a more pronounced flavor. Adding basil leaves to the mix is ​​a good choice to spice up the dessert. Learn how to make a tasty strawberry syrup, prepared with the fruit, orange juice and sugar. View the complete walkthrough.

With infinite possibilities of flavors or combinations, it is recommended to choose fruits with a large proportion of water in their composition, ensuring the ideal texture of the sorbet. Choose your favorite version and prepare this refreshing dessert now!

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