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14 Signs That Show You and Your Partner Are Really Made For Each Other

As we enter adolescence, it is common for us to have relationships filled with adventure and passion. Some are fleeting, while others become lifelong. Some of us just “knock! And it’s not always about the physical intimacy, most of the time it’s actually the mental connection. So, the question remains: is there any infallible formula for lasting love? How do we know we have found the “chosen one”?

O awesome.club put together a list of signs that can help us differentiate true love from fling. We hope it helps you identify where you are now!

14. Public displays of affection

Are public displays of affection justified? Will they are they really related to a couple’s happiness quotient? Studies show that “Yes”! It is being proven that couples who have a picture together as their profile picture on social media or who often show the world their relationship are those who are not afraid to hide the love they feel for each other.

13. The kiss issue

THE the way they kiss can tell if they’re in love or not🇧🇷 You must have heard about the meaning of kisses on different parts of the body. But when we evaluate them closely, we can easily determine whether they are both made for each other or not. A slow, prolonged kiss with your eyes closed is a clear indicator that your partner is deeply in love with you, even if it’s not a perfect kiss.

Through a study, the researchers demonstrated that the saliva secreted during a kiss contains hormones that can denote various romantic things🇧🇷

Did you know that even animals kiss? While mammals do this by licking each other’s faces, birds tend to caress their beaks when they want to kiss.

12. Fewer text messages that have greater meaning

To chat with some people, you have to send numerous text messages so that they understand exactly what you mean. However, there are those for which not much explanation is needed. While men think they need to text more just when they don’t want to have a face-to-face conversation, women prefer texting when they’re upset.

In short, a couple in love prefers to talk face to face instead of texting. They strictly follow a minimalist approach when it comes to messages.

11. Your interests are similar

It is popularly said that opposites attract. But it is still very important to have similar interests and hobbies, as well as empathizing with the same things, so the relationship lasts a long time🇧🇷 As one study has shown, we are more predisposed to get involved and want “like-minded people”.

The study says: “If people are more similar in terms of their personalities, they are able to share similar styles of coping with a variety of things over a lifetime: from interacting with friends to experiencing change.”

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10. Desire to share good and bad news with partner

Is the first person that comes to your mind when you have good news to share your partner?
And is he also the first person you think of when you’re not doing so well or when you have bad news? If that’s the case, you can be sure that your partner is the right person for you. This is the person who supports you and who can be a shoulder to cry on. He is the one who is proud of his achievements and celebrates with you, with the same intensity and affection that he is there to listen to your problems, anxieties and fears.

When the couple is compatible, one will find comfort in saying things to the other, both in happy and sad times. It is the feeling of comfort that allows them to talk and share everything with their partner. And, of course, you know that both good and bad things will be heard!

9. Fights exist

Is it really bad to fight with your partner? The truth is that it is not! In fact, couples who fight are the ones who love each other the most. Disagreements indicate that you don’t hold grudges or hide your dissatisfaction. It’s very likely that among a couple who don’t fight, someone is canceling each other out or has already given up on the relationship (or themselves).

Susan Pease Gadoua, a renowned therapist with experience in marriages and divorce, says that
“If you’re in the romantic bubble and you haven’t had a fight or disagreement yet, you’re probably still on your best behavior. That’s not bad. In fact, it is normal for it to happen this way, but the truth is that your relationship has not really been put to the test and it is possible that you are still relating to your partner on a superficial level.”

When we talk about fights, we are obviously not referring to physical fights. However, certain disagreements are always present in any healthy relationship. If you talk openly about your problems and concerns, means that you trust your partner, that you believe they will listen and understand you🇧🇷 The next time you and your partner have an argument about something, pay attention to one thing: do you resolve the issue feeling more relaxed, happy, and content?

8. One encourages the other

Compatible mates always encourage each other🇧🇷 If you are learning to cook or have decided to learn to play a musical instrument, a love partner will always make a point of offering words of encouragement or motivating attitudes, so that you don’t give up on what you started. A good partner will always support you, even against all odds.

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THE evaluation of a love partner is disinterested and even if the other person has no idea how to help you with some task that interests you, he will still support you during the process.

7. Look into the eyes

if you think is able to look his partner in the eye for hours, must know that you are deeply in love with him or her. The phenomenon was tested in 1970 by renowned social psychologist Zick Rubin, who conducted a study of couples in a closed room. According to the results, couples who were more in love looked into each other’s eyes for longer compared to those who were not so in love.

Compared to normal couples who make eye contact between 30% and 60% of the time, the most in love did so up to 75% of the time🇧🇷 The study results were published in Scientific American: “They are slower to look away when interrupted.” This indicates trust and your comfort level with your partner.

6. You can’t imagine your future without him

When you can’t imagine being with someone else, or when you just can’t imagine your life without your partner when you get older, we have good news: it means you were made for each other! If your partner is someone you can easily imagine growing old and raising your children with, let that feeling flow with a big smile. Basically, the feeling of “coming home” when you think about your partner is what indicates that your future will be with him or her.

It’s not easy to find a person like that, without whom you feel lost! It’s not easy to find a safe harbor in someone other than your own blood.

As Megan Fleming said, “The man or woman you marry today will not be the same person in a year, in 5 years, or in 10 years. The happiest couples are those committed to their own personal growth, as well as their growth as a couple. Your relationship is a place to heal any outstanding childhood issues.”

5. Know even the most secret things about each other

You know your partner’s secrets and he knows yours. That’s why they don’t hide anything from each other🇧🇷 That’s why they know each other better than anyone else. It’s a very satisfying feeling when you know that there is someone out there who knows you and accepts you for who you really are.

Your accomplishments, your most shameful moments, even the most intimate details are known to your partner. It’s like you can’t keep anything without sharing it with your loved one.

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4. Can be yourself when your partner is around

There’s no pretending when you’re with your partner. Whether you are happy, sad, angry or just feeling frustrated, you never need to fake your emotions in front of the person you love. When you can truly share your true self with your partner, that’s when you know you are truly compatible. Being who we really are, without masks, in front of those we love, is priceless.

No matter how uncomfortable or confusing it may sound, if your partner loves you, he will always understand you. Even if they are sitting without saying a word, you should still be able to feel love for him or her.🇧🇷 Even the silence between you is not absurd; this is the level of comfort you feel being with your partner.

3. Laugh at the same jokes

If you and your partner share the same sense of humor and like the same kind of things to laugh and have fun, then you’ll be together for quite a while (who knows, for the rest of your lives!). If a corny joke or the most embarrassing moment makes you both burst out laughing, you really are the perfect match. A sense of humor is the essence of life itself. Laughter is always the best medicine, can you imagine laughing “as a couple”?

According to a study published in The Western Journal of Communication, nearly 75% of happy couples laugh together at least once a day. That’s a pretty big percentage, right? If you still don’t agree, there’s another study published in the same journal, according to which 92% of married men and women said that mood is a significantly contributing factor in their married life. Basically, couples who laugh together stay together.

2. They have good chemistry

Good chemistry is essential. And it’s just as hard as you get older in a relationship.🇧🇷 After the honeymoon phase, it seems a bit rare for some couples to look into each other’s eyes. However, if you want to know why the flame must always be present in your relationship, you need to know that, according to a study published in the journal Society for Personality and Social PsychologyHaving sex at least once a week brings as much happiness to your relationship as earning an extra $50,000.

This isn’t just about intimacy between four walls, but about little things that are clearly shown in their body language when they are together, like holding hands, hugging each other, looking each other in the eye, fiddling with their hair, etc. Contact is good for keeping the flame of passion burning.


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