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14 People Who Know What It’s Like to Feel Disappointed

Have you ever had a big disappointment when buying or doing something? This happens a lot when we try to imitate the beautiful products we see on the Internet. Cakes that look delicious, gorgeous hairstyles that we see in photos on Pinterest, and products whose packaging shows images that have nothing to do with reality. Yes, expectation and reality don’t always go together. But how to react to this kind of situation? As always, the tip we have for you is to try not to get mad. After all, everything is much lighter with a beautiful smile on your face.

O awesome.club found some images of users who lived through great disappointments and decided to share their dramas with the rest of the world.

1. “My niece wanted a Pikachu cake and Mom made it”

2. “The balayage I asked for vs. What did they do?

3. “Looks like the cat fixed this”

4. “I tried to make some cute frogs, but it didn’t come out as planned”

5. “A terribly disappointing cereal”

6. “My breakfast burrito”

7. “I wanted a simple manicure for my wedding. I was upset, but I couldn’t stop laughing.”

8. “I’m glad it’s henna”

9. “The Laptop Stand I Ordered Vs. The laptop support I received”

10. “Tried to take a cute picture of my sweetie…”

11. “My mom made this for my son’s second birthday”

13. “This bean mixture is not so mixed”

14. “When you buy a wig so natural it looks like real hair, but what comes after is practically a lie anyway”

Have you ever been through a situation like this? And what’s the most disappointing purchase you’ve ever made? Tell in the comments.

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