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14 Makeup Looks That Look Simple, But Have Amazing Results

Every woman, and anywhere in the world, has gone through moments of not feeling so beautiful. Sometimes this is because we’ve had a bad day; in other situations we were not noticed as we would like and at other times, we fell into the trap of comparing ourselves to other women. But, of course, every woman is beautiful, each in her own way.

O awesome.club presents the work of a Brazilian make-up artist who, with simple ideas, has improved the self-esteem of many women. Want to see?

Meet Thais Benites

Thaís Benites, from Niterói-RJ, started her first professional makeup course at the age of 17 and since that moment she has dedicated herself to what she loves to do. Today, she is well known for her work with brides and also for teaching makeup courses to professionals across the country. Her work has allowed her international experiences in New York, Boston and Italy.
















You don’t have to think that makeup will change who you are. And not even that mascara and lipstick are essential to be beautiful or to a woman’s life.

Many women, including, are not comfortable with this and don’t even like the idea.

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