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14 different braids for you to do and rock the hairstyle

Braids are references when we think of hairstyles that are practical and easy to do at home.

They are also very versatile as they can be used with visuals both for everyday life and for more sophisticated occasions such as parties, graduations, weddings and other events that call for more glamor in production.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to braids. There are several types and certainly for all tastes. Leaving the traditional idea, we can find a range of hairstyles made from the movement of braiding the wires, resulting in incredible productions for different occasions. Check out 14 types of braid below and learn how to do them at home:

1. Boxer braid

The name says it all, these braids are used a lot by boxers as they keep the look nice and in place. Is it or isn’t it to feel even more powerful with this hairstyle? Blogger Jana Taffarel teaches here how to do it.

2. Fish scale braid

And how about a hairstyle that is super casual to wear at the beach or pool, but that goes perfectly with more formal occasions? This is the fish scale braid. Check out the step by step of blogger Mari Maria here.

3. Braid tiara

Simple and delicate, the braid tiara is a detail that makes all the difference in the look. Blogger Camilla Santana teaches here how to make a braid tiara for curly hair.

4. Dutch braid

This is one of those very firm hairstyles that last even after a night of hustle and bustle. It sounds complicated, but it’s super simple to do. Blogger Deise Souza shows here how to do the Dutch braid.

5. Built-in braid

The built-in braid can have several variations, but it is certain that all of them are very successful. Blogger Carol Rabello teaches how to make a looser braid in this video.

6. Waterfall braid

This hairstyle is the face of summer and outdoor environments. Besides, it’s super simple to do and very quickly you can transform your hair into a beautiful hairstyle. Check here how to do it with blogger Bruna Harmel.

7. zig zag braid

A braid a little more complex, but still possible to do at home. The result is incredible. Learn how to do it with this video from the Mania De Trança channel.

8. Ponytail with braids

A sophisticated hairstyle worthy of special occasions. It’s an all up hairstyle and very safe, so you can have fun without worrying about the hairstyle falling out of place. The Mania de Trança channel teaches here how to do it.

9. Braid with bun

A joker hairstyle for different situations. Elegant in the right measure and at the same time stripped down. It is also the face of summer. Learn how to braid with a bun here.

10. Spiral braid

The spiral braid is a hairstyle made up of several braids that take up all the hair and are stuck on the scalp. It’s a bit of a complex hairstyle to do, but the result is worth it. Check here how to do it.

11. Bulky braid

The procedure is almost the same as for the herringbone type. The difference is the final procedure, which consists of leaving the braid voluminous and stripped. Blogger Jessica Belcost teaches here how to do it.

12. boho braid

A very romantic hairstyle that refers to the 60s. It is versatile for different occasions and very easy to do, in addition to being super feminine and delicate. Learn step by step here.

13. Lobster braid

The word lobster means lobster and this braid takes its name precisely because it resembles the animal’s anatomy. It is a very casual hairstyle that adapts well to everyday life. Check out how to do it in this video.

14. Skeleton braid

The skeleton braid takes its name from its resemblance to a human skeleton. The hairstyle is done with the help of a toothpick. Find out how to do it here.

More pictures of braids for you to get inspired

Check out more amazing photos for inspiration:

Photo: Reproduction / Boca Rosa

Photo: Reproduction / Braids In Action

Photo: Reproduction / Bela Braga

Photo: Reproduction / Luciano Ferreira Hair Stylist
Photo: Playback / Beth Belshaw Hair Stylist
Photo: Playback / Beth Belshaw Hair Stylist
Photo: Playback / Beth Belshaw Hair Stylist

Now all you have to do is train hard or ask someone for help and throw yourself into the most beautiful braids!

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