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14 Curiosities about Os Monstros, the monstrous family that has already entertained several generations

Several years ago, when TV still produced content in black and white, Os Monstros brought adults and children together in front of the screens to have fun with that peculiar everyday life, full of the most innocent humor. During years of reruns, the family of monsters was the companionship for many people, before or after school. Today, 58 years after its debut, Monsters will return in a new version that promises to fill the screens with the purest nostalgia.

O incredible.club gathered little-known data about the series to remember the moments when the Monsters were part of our daily lives and wouldn’t let us leave the television.

1. The Monsters vs. The Addams Family

In 1963, comic series about aliens, such as My Favorite Martian, became extremely popular on television, and overnight, production executives were combing through archives looking for new ideas that blended fantasy, horror and comedy. The ABC network released The Addams Family, based on a comic book inspired by classic Universal Studios monsters. CBS, in turn, developed a monster comedy with a clearer reference. Both series premiered and ended around the same time.

2. The original idea was completely in color

In 1964, the first Monsters trailer released was in color. Later, however, the network decided to film in black and white to save resources, since recording in color made each episode $10,000 more expensive. The colored version functioned as a preview and to sell the production to potential investors.

3. Several actors were replaced

The colorized version, which was not used in the show’s broadcast, allowed the producers to make several changes. Originally, Herman Monster’s wife was named Phoebe and was played by Joan Marshall. Already the werewolf son, Eddie, was lived by Happy Derman. Producers decided to replace Phoebe, taking into account the fact that she looks a lot like Morticia from The Addams Family. The actor who gave life to Eddie was changed with the intention of making the character look cuter.

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4. The actor who lived Herman Monster suffered for the character

Fred Gwynne, the 1.96 m tall actor responsible for playing Herman, was already experienced in comedy productions, but he wasn’t sure if this new role would really suit him. Still, he was able to imbue the character with charisma and empathy, establishing himself as one of the best fathers on TV, according to a survey. But the work required great sacrifices on the part of the artist.

Wearing the 50 kilo costume and makeup was agony for the actor, so much so that Gwynne had to take salt pills to avoid dehydration. In addition, as the character required the use of shoes with platforms over 10 centimeters high, Fred suffered from severe back pain and ended up losing a lot of weight.

5. The niece had several faces

Marilyn Monster was initially played by Beverley Owen, who, due to contractual issues, was obliged to play the role in the pilot episode. When the series was picked up by CBS, production had to be moved from New York to Hollywood, California. This caused the actress to go into depression, as she had to separate from her boyfriend. In episode number 14, Pat Priest joined the cast to replace Beverley.

6. The car was designed by the same creator of the Batmobile

The old and adapted car that was used by the Monstro family in some episodes is a creation of George Barris, also responsible for the Batmobile of the Batman series transmitted in the 60s. The vehicle was a great success, so the production asked Barris to create a car special for Grandfather Monstro, named “Drag-u-la”. It was a box with a Mustang engine.

7. Yvonne de Carlo only took the role for the money

Yvonne de Carlo was already a renowned actress, with several successes under her belt, when she accepted to work on the series. However, in 1964, the artist’s career was in decline: at the age of 42, she found it difficult to get good roles. But that year, her husband, actor and stuntman Bob Morgan, had an accident on set. As a result, the couple needed money to pay the bills. Yvonne accepted the role thinking it would be temporary and that the production would not be successful. The fame achieved with her interpretation of Lily Monstro, however, even overshadowed the work done by her previously.

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8. The opening was a parody of another series

The opening sequence of the first season, in which the mother, Lily, feeds each of the family members, is a parody of the opening sequence of 1958’s The Donna Reed Show, in which Donna does the same to her relatives.

9. Monster Mansion appeared on Desperate Housewives

The iconic Monstro family home has appeared in several other TV shows and movies, not least because it remains within Universal Studios. In an episode of Desperate Housewives, presenter Oprah Winfrey wants to buy the property, but regrets it when she learns that the neighborhood is scary.

10. Grandpa was actually Dracula

The character of the grandfather went beyond being a mere tribute to Dracula, and it is believed that he was the same as in Bram Stoker’s novel. His name was Sam Dracula, Count of Transylvania. He drove a wheeled coffin, and his crypt showed 1367 as the year of his birth. In one of the episodes of the new version, the grandfather says he is 402 years old and married 167 times. He also claims that, although the wives had already died, he continued to have contact with all of them.

11. A color film was even made

12. Other versions of The Monsters

After the end of the original series, in 1966, CBS tried to resume the plot in 1988, with the name The Munsters Today (or “The Monsters Today”). Despite receiving criticism and having a new cast, the series lasted for three seasons, airing three episodes more than the initial version.

In 2012, NBC announced plans to launch a new production, this one called Mockingbird Lane. The idea was to present a family of monsters in a more current era, with more modern makeup effects. The pilot, however, did not advance, being restricted to a special aired on Halloween that same year.

13. They will return to the screens

Rob Zombie is a director known for his unique vision of the horror genre. Since he was a child, he was a fan of Os Monstros. Now, in 2022, Rob will release a full color film to bring the family back to life, including typical snarky humor and the same family feel.

14. The mansion was rebuilt

The new feature film was entirely shot in Budapest, Hungary. For filming, the entire street of Mockingbird, including the facade of the original mansion, was rebuilt. The film promises to be faithful to the series, bringing a retro air and reintroducing the Monster family in style. According to what is known so far, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick, respectively Marilyn and Eddie from the original version, will appear in a cameo in the new version.

What was your favorite character from the series? Do you remember any specific scene to this day? Don’t forget to register your comment.

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