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14 celebrities who radicalized by not marrying in white dresses

We love watching our favorite celebs risk it all for fashion. And that goes for their weddings too. The tradition of wearing a white dress on the day of the ceremony is nothing new for some celebrities and, therefore, they chose to dare and surprise the public using different colors and models when saying the long-awaited “I do”.

From green to blue and even black, we at awesome.club, We chose 14 famous brides who refused to wear white on their wedding day.

1. Cleo Pires

Starting with Cleo Pires, who surprised the public when she announced that she had exchanged rings with businessman Leandro D’Lucca in a civil ceremony in Minas Gerais. But what really called attention was her choice of look for the special day: an all-black look, with a fur coat and knee-high boots. We love this rebellion! 🇧🇷

2. Claudia Raia

Actress Claudia Raia demonstrated all her charisma and elegance by choosing to marry Jarbas Homem de Mello, wearing a long light blue dress, in an intimate ceremony on the roof of her home, in São Paulo.

3. Karol Pinheiro

Youtuber Karol Pinheiro opted for a vintage nude beige model, which according to her was dyed in tea, for her wedding to businessman Arthur Pezzi, held in Embu das Artes, in the interior of São Paulo. We think the dress matched the rustic country atmosphere chosen by the couple. 🇧🇷

4. Luciana Cardoso

5. Thais Fersoza

Like Claudia Raia, actress Thais Fersoza also opted for the blue dress, but in a darker tone and in lace. The actress exchanged rings with singer Michel Teló, in 2014, in São Paulo. On Instagram, the famous revealed that the blue chosen for the dress is her husband’s favorite color. “It was a surprise for him, he only saw it on the day, at the same time”, she wrote.

6. Solange Almeida

Blue seems to be the favorite color of celebrities when it comes to weddings. Singer Solange Almeida also chose a light blue, one-shoulder wedding dress for her civil union with businessman Leandro Andriani, in 2017. The singer’s friend, Gigi Flores, shared many moments of the union between the two lovebirds on her instagram .

7. Livia Andrade

Irreverence is with Lívia Andrade. The presenter and businessman Roberto Villa Real Júnior were married on Halloween, in Glastonbury, England. The dress code chosen by the bride was a black lace dress, full of gemstone applications.

8. Julia Pereira

Júlia Pereira was another celebrity who also innovated in choosing the color of her dress when she married Amilcare Dallevo Netona, on the beach, on the North Coast of São Paulo. The model and presenter opted for a lilac dress, which looks like it was taken from a fairy tale.

9. Mandy Moore

10. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard opted for a civil ceremony in New York City, in 2018. The look chosen by the model gave something to talk about: a mustard yellow suit with a matching black hat. She said in an interview: “I never loved the idea of ​​wearing white to a wedding, because I’m not a pure woman. I am a woman with a lot of character, experience and life. I also loved the idea of ​​a suit, especially at City Hall, because it’s like you’re taking care of business. Initially I wanted to use red, but then I just loved the mustard yellow and knew it was the one.” It sucked, right?

11. Audrey Hepburn

In her second marriage, to psychiatrist Andrea Dotti, Audrey Hepburn looked like a real luxury doll. She chose a very delicate pink dress for the occasion, and caught everyone’s eye.

12. Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell has a very original story to tell about her look for the civil wedding, where she exchanged rings with actor Dax Shepard. The muse said in an interview that it was her husband who chose the outfit she wore on the day of the ceremony. “He went to my closet, chose a black jumpsuit, we got in the car and he put on a list of my favorite songs. He drove there, and that was it. Very simple and wonderful,” she said.

13. Shenae Grimes

14. Elizabeth Taylor

And nothing better than ending up in style with the movie diva Elizabeth Taylor. In her fourth marriage, to singer Eddie Fisher, she chose a green dress.

What was the unconventional look that you liked the most? Would you dare to marry using the same model and color? Write your opinion in the comments. 🇧🇷

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