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14 candid photos that overflow with positive emotions

Each of us has probably experienced such a bright moment that we felt an irresistible urge to expose our emotions to the world. Happiness is not just one thing: an engagement, a contact with a cute animal, a meeting with your family or even a delicious ice cream can lift a person’s spirits.

The team of awesome.club encourages its readers to share their feelings more often, as the protagonists of our selection did. After all, it inspires us and changes everything around us for the better.

“We got engaged today. We cried the entire ceremony.”

“This semester has been extremely tough, but I finally did well on the test this morning. Also, this cool duck was very friendly to me. Great day!”

“How my daughter reacts to my boring dad jokes”

“I’m about to move to another country to live with the love of my life!”

“My 94-year-old grandfather asked if he would look good with hair as long as mine. I think he would look amazing!”

“I found my wife having a special moment with our dog. I thought it was cute”

“These are the potatoes I grew. Work hard and be rewarded”

“My husband playing snowball fight for the first time”

“My boyfriend gave me a kitten today”

“My dog’s reaction to being hugged by my boyfriend”

“My boyfriend’s mom turned 90 last week!”

“I met a friend on the golf course”

“I got engaged today”

“My girlfriend is obsessed with mini pigs, but she’s never seen one. Today everything has changed

Do you have any photos where your true emotions were captured? Share with us!

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