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14 bead ring pictures to adhere to fashion

Bead accessories are back among the trends. Among the options for products made with the material there are necklaces, bracelets and rings. The bead ring is an easy option to include in your looks, as well as being easy to make! There are several options that can give a fun air to your compositions.

The bead ring trend

The return of beads is linked to the return of trends from the 90s, hippie fashion and also very related to the beach. The material is available in a wide variety of colors and can be used to make various jewelry that give a more fun look to the look.

The bead’s popularity is linked to celebrities and influencers who used accessories made with the material, in addition to being linked to high-end aesthetics such as kidcore and aesthetic looks. The rings stand out among these possibilities, and come in different models, but mostly full of fun colors and shapes, such as flowers and fruits.

This return, during the pandemic, draws even more attention to a decline in minimalist aesthetics, giving way to these nostalgic accessories, which can be associated with a return to bygone eras, in search of comfort and escapism.

14 bead ring photos to join the trend

Do you want to be inspired by bead ring models to also start using this accessory? Check out the selection of images that show the variety of possibilities. As it is a product produced manually, it is easily customized to adapt to your personal taste, and can be made in more discreet and delicate options or more colorful and fun!

1. Have fun mixing bead rings!

2. Use creative options with fruit-shaped beads

3. You can opt for small beads for more delicacy

4. Mix rings of different colors without fear

5. Or opt for understated colors

6. Match with other bead accessories

7. Or with metallic accessories

8. Don’t be afraid to match colors and models

9. Bet on fun and indie beads

10. Have fun with a flower bead ring

11. Be creative in choosing beads

12. And beaded ring with letters? A knockout!

13. Flower rings are a fun option

Now you have seen that there are multiple possibilities for using a bead ring. They can be made in the style that best matches your personal taste or the occasion you want to use the accessory.

How to make a bead ring

Inspired by the photos and want to learn how to make your own beaded rings? Check out this selection of videos that will show you how easy it is to do this.

How to make a bead ring

With this video you will learn in a simple way how to make a bead ring. You will see that it is very practical! You don’t even need a lot of free time.

Bead ring with more than one row

You can also make wider ring models. This video teaches you how to make a model with two colors of beads, forming 3 rows of beads.

fancy bead ring

There are also other ways to make a bead ring with more than one row. This video teaches how to make a ring where 4 rows of beads are joined by a larger bead, which resembles a pearl, leaving a more sophisticated look.

bead flower

Bead flowers are a popular shape for rings. With this video you will learn how to make these little flowers, which are so cute! And it’s very easy.

butterfly bead ring

Did you find it easy and want to innovate even more? Check out this butterfly-shaped bead ring model! The result is fun and you can do it at home.

Now you’ve seen how easy it is and you can make your own beaded rings! Just unleash your creativity and you don’t have to be afraid to abuse colors. Also check out how to make crochet beach bags that are a great option to complete the look!

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