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14 Artists who started their careers in Malhação and still conquer viewers today

Perhaps you have already stopped to think or even searched the internet to find out where that famous Brazilian you love so much started his career, right? And, to your surprise, many of them started when they were just teenagers in the beloved Malhação and, since then, they continue their stardom being remembered for several roles that may have marked countless generations.

Today the awesome.club decided to share with you several stories about when the career of several Brazilian stars began, as well as a bonus mega special. Come with us.

1. Rômulo Arantes Neto

The actor gave life to the heartthrob André in the fourteenth edition of the soap opera in 2007. Years later, Rômulo returned to act in two more seasons of Malhação, Pro Dia Nascer Feliz and Toda Forma de Amar. In addition to his work on the teenage plot, the young man worked on other global TV productions, such as Império and Êta Mundo Bom.

2. Thais Fersoza

Thais began her career on TV when she was very young, back in 1997, in the third season of the teenage show. Two years later, the actress returned for another role in the soap opera and continued until 2016. After the birth of her children, she dedicated herself to motherhood and worked as a presenter.

3. Maria Flor

4. Sophie Charlotte

You probably remember the role of Sophie in the fifteenth season, but the actress started her career a year earlier, with small participation in the teenage plot. Soon after, she reached the role of protagonist and gave life to the young Angelina, Caio Castro’s partner in the plot. Since her work on the soap opera, Sophie has participated in other television works, such as Fina Estampa and O Rebu, among others.

5. Thaila Ayala

Thaila has worked on several television projects, from global soap operas to Hollywood films. Even with an extensive work curriculum, the actress started her career in 2007, with the character Marcela, who was even present in several scenes with actor Rômulo Arantes Neto.

6. Sophia Abrahão

I bet you already guessed that Sophia started her career in Rebels, right? But the actress began her stardom in Malhação, playing the preppy Felipa Gentil, in two seasons. After numerous television jobs, the young woman returned to make a super special appearance in Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar.

7. Bruno Ferrari

The actor participated in several soap operas, but few people remember his face in the teen plot. Bruno started his career in 2002, with a small participation in an episode of the teen soap opera. A few years later, he returned to Malhação and played the character Carlos Eduardo, better known as Cadu.

8. Giovanna Ewbank

9. Bianca Bin

Known for her iconic character in O Outro Lado do Paraíso and for the phrase “You don’t know what a pleasure it is to be back”, the actress has worked hard to build her acting career. Bianca began her stardom by playing the protagonist in the sixteenth season of Malhação, and since then, she has increasingly stood out in television work.

10. Priscilla Fantin

Since a very young age, Priscila has worked in Brazilian soap operas and, like other artists, she also started her career in Malhação from mid-1999 to 2000, playing the young Tatiana — or Tati for fans. Who remembers?

11. Juliana Knust

Recognized for working in numerous soap operas on Brazilian television channels, Juliana started her acting career some time ago in the teen soap opera, but, ironically, years later she returned to the cast of Malhação playing another character.

12. Mariana Rios

Do you remember the catchphrase, “I’m beige, I’m beige, I’m pink”? If the answer is yes, you will certainly remember the character Yasmin, who was played by the illustrious Mariana Rios in the show’s fifteenth season. The actress began her career at a young age and was recognized for her role as the iconic preppy. In addition, she worked in other soap operas after the end of Malhação, but years later, she started to dedicate herself to her careers as a presenter and singer.

13. Alice Wegmann

14. Agatha Moreira

The young woman’s career began in Malhação in the edition that aired in 2012, and the actress gave life to the character Juliana, who was also a friend of Lia — a character played by Alice Wegmann. Who remembers the friendship of the two in the plot?

Bonus: fiuk

Even though he is known for being the son of the adorable Fábio Jr, Fiuk began his acting career in Malhação, even though, previously, the young man played in a band called Hori. Years after his debut on Brazilian small screens, he continues to work with soap operas and music, in a solo career.

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For you, Malhação fan, was it easy to remember all these characters? Were you not aware of the beginning of any of their careers? Comment.

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