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13 unmissable brigadeiro de paçoca recipes

Brigadeiro is delicious, paçoca too… imagine the perfect combination of flavors that a paçoca brigadeiro must be!

Not to leave it just to the imagination, check out some delicious recipes for you to test and approve… Enjoy, because in addition to being easy to prepare, they need few ingredients. Enjoy at ease!

1. Traditional paçoca brigadeiro

This brigadeiro is very easy to make, it only takes three ingredients – condensed milk, paçoca and butter – and it is delicious. If you want to eat with a spoon, just take it off the heat a little before you get to the rolling point. Check out the full recipe.

2. Brigadeiro de paçoca in the microwave

Who else loves practical and easy-to-make recipes? So this one is perfect! You add the condensed milk, the butter and the paçoca, take it to the microwave for the recommended time and that’s it – just let it cool and roll up. Click here to check.

3. Quick paçoca brigadeiro

In this recipe you will use the peanut itself – not the paçoca. The brigadeiro is tasty and smooth, not to mention the smell of roasted peanuts… Take the test, see the step by step.

4. Creamy paçoca brigadeiro

In this recipe, the amount of paçoca that goes in the dough is a little higher than in the previous ones and this leaves the version with a more pronounced flavor of the sweet. This brigadeiro is super tasty and soft… it’s worth a try! Check the recipe details.

5. Soft paçoca brigadeiro

This brigadeiro is smooth and light, ideal to serve after dinner with friends… See the full recipe.

6. Brigadeiro de paçoca with chocolate

This recipe is cool because it uses dark chocolate, which gives a special flavor to the dessert and, as a gift, even breaks some of the sweetness of the brigadeiro. See how to prepare this treat.

7. Brigadeiro de paçoca with coconut

With peanuts and coconut in its composition, this brigadeiro has a delicious crunchy texture. Try this wonder – check out the full recipe.

8. Paçoca cake with paçoca brigadeiro frosting

If cake with brigadeiro frosting is already delicious, imagine when the cake is made with paçoca and so is the brigadeiro! The eyes even shine with happiness… learn how to make this delight.

9. Brigadeiro de paçoca with hazelnut cream

Easy to make and a great option to serve to friends, this spoonful recipe looks beautiful when placed in small bowls because it allows all of its layers to be seen! Check out how to prepare it.

10. Brigadeiro de paçoca stuffed with condensed milk

Do you know the joy we feel when we receive an unexpected gift? That’s exactly what this brigadier brings! When you eat, you are surprised by a combination of delicious flavors, provided by the condensed milk filling and the peanuts and chocolate powder that go into the dough. Learn it!

11. Vegan paçoca brigadeiro with popcorn farofa

This brigadeiro is very tasty and has a beautiful appearance… that is, it pleases the eyes and the palate! How about taking the test? See the full recipe.

12. Easter egg stuffed with paçoca brigadeiro

13.Paçoca brigadeiro pie

This pie filled with paçoca brigadeiro is divine! With a quick and easy preparation, it’s really worth making this recipe for that special family gathering… See how to prepare it and enjoy!

This idea is so special that you won’t want to make and eat it just for Easter – it will become your favorite recipe to please the most demanding palates. Check the preparation details.

After all these handpicked recipes for you, making just one is a difficult task, isn’t it?! How about choosing and gifting yourself with your favorite?

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