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13 tasty and unmissable recipes for Nest milk cake

Who has never made or never known someone who mixed Ninho milk with almost no water to eat and kill the sweet tooth? Considering the number of people who have always had a love affair with this dairy ingredient, it’s surprising that it took so long for it to become a confectionery phenomenon.

But, finally, the time has come for Ninho milk, with more and more people discovering its flavor and advantages. After all, it is an ingredient that goes very well with simple recipes and that, unlike normal milk, is not so perishable and can be consumed up to 30 days after opening. Check out some cake recipes with the ingredient below:

1. Blender nest milk cake

Didn’t I say that Ninho milk usually appears in easy recipes? This is the case with this cake here, made in a blender with egg, oil, sugar, flour, yeast and, of course, Ninho milk. To finish the cake, the creamy frosting is also quite simple: just mix condensed milk, cream, coconut milk, nest milk and butter, taking it to low heat until it gains a brigadeiro texture. Check out the step by step video.

2. Nest milk ice cream cake

Of these recipes that refer to the best things from our childhood, the iced cake gets a moist and tasty version with the addition of a layer of stuffing made with Ninho milk, condensed milk, cream and butter. To drizzle, the recipe takes a syrup of milk and condensed milk that also helps to fix the topping, made only with Ninho milk. Learn how to do it here.

3. Ninho milk mousse cake

Great for birthdays, this simple white pastry cake stands out both for its filling, which is very light, and for its icing, which is the ideal consistency for making decorations with a pastry tip. Both take practically the same ingredients, that is, condensed milk, fresh cream and Ninho milk, the difference is that the topping is made with butter instead of gelatin to ensure its firmness even at room temperature. See recipe details.

4. Nest Milk Volcano Cake with Nutella

The combination that is already written in the stars is one of the great assets of this tasty dough cake, made with plenty of Ninho milk. While it bakes, it’s time to prepare the Ninho milk brigadeiro topping that will go over the dough and crumb made exclusively with Nutella. The recipe in detail can be found here.

5. Nest milk cake with strawberries

For those who prefer slightly more delicate flavors, this traditional white pastry cake replaces the Ninho milk brigadeiro with a mixture of cream, cream, sugar, vanilla extract and powdered milk which, after being beaten in the mixer, becomes an aerated and whipped-like consistency that goes very well with the strawberries. Find out how to do it.

6. Nest milk volcano cake

Contrary to the two previous recipes, which are less sweet, this recipe uses a white, well-aerated and fluffy dough, as the base for a rich frosting made with butter, sugar and Ninho milk that also goes in the middle of the cake, for the volcano effect. . Watch the step by step.

7. Chocolate cake with Ninho creamy milk frosting

Another option for lovers of the Ninho milk and chocolate cake combination, this recipe has the differential of adding pieces of chocolate to the dough, which give it a texture and an extra layer of flavor. As a topping, use the traditional Ninho milk brigadeiro, made with powdered milk, condensed milk, cream and butter. See the video!

8. Chocolate ice cream cake

In addition to the taste, with a childhood taste, this recipe is also good because it does not require the use of a mixer, just mix the ingredients of the chocolate mass with a whisk, remembering to stir in light movements, to leave it light and airy. Another cool thing is that it has a double filling: a layer of chocolate cream, made with condensed milk, cocoa, butter and cream; and another of Ninho milk, made with condensed milk, Ninho and butter. Check out the full recipe.

9. Milk volcano cake Nest striped ganache

The Ninho milk brigadeiro, made with condensed milk, cream, powdered milk and butter, is the protagonist of this volcano cake that also has fluffy white dough made with the dairy ingredient. To decorate, the chocolate ganache placed in a zigzag pattern still completes the flavor of the icing. Want to learn? Watch the video here.

10. Nest milk rainbow cake

If the lack of color in Ninho milk recipes is a problem, this recipe is here to show that, as long as they are used in a balanced way, colorings can make a huge difference to the look of the cake. In the case of this recipe, they were used in the sponge cake dough and in the Ninho milk frosting. Also with powdered milk, the filling was left without color to give it more elegance and balance. Check the recipe.

11. Nest milk cake with lemon brigadeiro

Nest milk with Nutella, with strawberry, with white chocolate, with milk chocolate, we’ve all seen it. But, have you ever thought about combining it with something different, like lemon? That’s what this recipe does, which brings Ninho milk brigadiers with lemon, in addition to filling and topping with powdered milk whipped cream. Access the full preparation mode.

12. Kinder Bueno Cake with Nest Milk

Despite being more labor intensive and taking some expensive ingredients, such as Nutella, Kinder Bueno and Ninho milk itself, this recipe makes up for it in flavor and appearance, making it a perfect option for birthdays. With chocolate dough, it is filled with Ninho milk brigadeiro and Nutella brigadeiro. Kinder Bueno is used on the sides, forming a beautiful fence full of flavor. See the full recipe.

13. Strawberry bonbon cake with Ninho milk

Also for those who are looking for ideas for birthday cakes, this recipe brings together two established combinations: chocolate with strawberry and chocolate with Ninho milk. For a traditional chocolate dough, prepare a filling with Ninho milk brigadeiro and strawberries. Cover the cake with ganache and that’s it, success is guaranteed. Check the recipe details.

So, have you chosen which recipe to make first? Remember that you can always adapt them according to your preferences!

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