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13 Habits that can make the mess at home grow exponentially

Visual noise, that is, what bothers our eyes, tends to surround us everywhere: in the streets, stores and even on our cell phones. However, it is important for a person to be in a visually calm environment to restore vitality. Ideally, such a place should be our home, but many end up preventing their homes from achieving maximum comfort.

We, from awesome.club, we found that small habits can be eradicated so that you can get rid of the constant feeling of clutter in your home. Check out!

Error № 1: buying spontaneously

Shopping is fun. But before purchasing something, it’s best to plan where you’re going to put it. Try to only buy what’s on a list that you’ve made in advance. This is especially true for the interior of the house, as the abundance of things creates visual noise. This way, you will also reduce unnecessary expenses.

Error № 2: keeping things you don’t use

Order in the home is most easily achieved through a well-planned and spacious storage system. But if you keep things that you never use in your house, there won’t be enough space for what you really need, and they will start to pile up around you and form a mess. From time to time, try to go through your belongings and get rid of what you have just in case, such as clothes, kitchen utensils, etc.

Marie Kondo, author of a unique method of organizing spaces, suggests asking the question “That makes me happy?” the main criterion for deciding the fate of the next belongs. Many have no idea how much time, space and energy can be saved by discarding unnecessary items.

“I took out of the bathroom drawers everything I kept there. I found I have seven identical face lotions that I don’t even use because they come free with the makeup kits, which I don’t use either.”

Error № 3: leaving everything in its original packaging

“I am so proud of this corner of my kitchen”

Jars, packaging and jars of different colors create visual noise at home, making the interior untidy and uncomfortable. For all hygiene products, it is advisable to have bottles with the same style🇧🇷 By replacing plastic packaging with glass containers, you can create a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

“Removed the ‘visual noise’ in the spice cabinet”

Mistake № 4: keeping things in plain sight

There are those who believe that it is possible to save time when the necessary items are always within reach. And those who think like that usually have a lot of things scattered around the house: objects on the dresser, kitchen utensils on the counter and clothes thrown in the armchair (although after being used, the pieces should go directly to the basket or be put back in the closet) . This habit is incompatible with the order🇧🇷 To avoid it, you need to devise a practical way to store the items.

“I built a small storage closet to make room in my dresser”

By the way, if you still prefer to keep things small on the surface, put them together on a tray. That way, everything will look more organized.

Error № 5: cleaning the house less than once a week

Many people usually do house cleaning on weekends, however, with that frequency, house cleaning usually lasts a few days. An alternative is set daily tasks: one day cleaning the bathroom, the next all the mirrors in the house, and the third day vacuuming. Over time, dedicating 30 minutes a day to cleaning becomes a habit, which will keep your home always clean and in order.

“Before and after a 15-minute cleanse”

Error № 6: Ignoring the instructions for using cleaning products

“I cleaned the whole bathroom with just one product🇧🇷 I managed to clean the faucet, but I ruined the shower.”

Certain cleaning products can be ideal for some surfaces and completely ruin others, due to the strong effect of the chemicals in their composition. But it also happens to you buy a product that apparently has no effect🇧🇷 Since most cleaning solutions need to be left on the surface for a period of time, it’s best to take a minute to read through the different product usage instructions.

Error № 7: forgetting to clean the windows and the sill

Clean windows and sills create a sense of space and organization🇧🇷 So it’s worth finding another place in the house to put random things and potted plants. Also, cold drafts from the window can be harmful to some little plants. Remember that a clean, clutter-free windowsill is one more way to avoid visual noise in the room, and about plants, it’s best to support them on a stand or place them on a shelf.

Error № 8: Accumulating disorganized papers and documents

Papers tend to accumulate and occupy free spaces. To prevent this from happening, it is better to organize them in folders or discard them as soon as you get them in hand. Also, receipts and warranty coupons should be kept separately and periodically reviewed to discard any that are past their due date.

“The magazines my husband keeps vs. his articles published in the magazines, which is why he keeps them.”

Error № 9: Failing to return things to their rightful place

“Finally clean and organized after years of leaving things ‘just for a minute’ on the dresser.”

Try to make it a habit to return an item to its place immediately after use🇧🇷 It takes little time and you’ll always know where to find it the next time you need it.

Error № 10: stacking things

“I helped my sister stock her pantry of towels and sheets. We did a great job, although she still kept a lot of unnecessary stuff.”

Stacked things take up a lot of usable space. An alternative to towels, for example, is to roll them up in rolls and then stack them. It is also possible to organize clothes and other items positioning them laterally🇧🇷 This method helps you quickly find the parts you need, easily pick them up and return them to the location.

“How happy this makes me! When the towels were piled up, it was really hard to pull just one.”

Many people arrange things on shelves, but do not utilize the remaining space on top. To make the most of it, try using stackable boxes, multifunctional hangers and hooks.

“How much joy when I open my closet”

Error № 11: Allowing pets on the upholstery

Allowing your pet to climb on upholstered furniture inevitably will leave hair and dirt🇧🇷 To prevent this from happening, it is better to provide the animal with its own place to sleep and rest, or protect the upholstery with a cloth.

“My dog’s hair gets caught in the fibers of upholstered furniture. The hairs that don’t come out with the vacuum cleaner, I have to remove one by one with my hands”. © Mlcoulthard / Reddit

Error № 12: using a vacuum cleaner only on the floor

With a vacuum cleaner it is possible to get rid of dust not only from the floor, but also from curtains, sofas, coffee tables, windowsills, etc. After all, dust settles everywhere. And it’s no wonder that most vacuum cleaners come with different replaceable accessories.

Mistake № 13: storing magazines and books in the bathroom

Some people like to read something while using the bathroom. However, keeping magazines and books in this space it is unhygienic and visually increases clutter🇧🇷 It’s better to reserve another place in the house to store them, and only take them to the bathroom when you’re going to do the reading.

What other habits do you think get in the way of organizing and cleaning a house? Comment!

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