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12 Weird Culinary Trends for 2018

In this post, the awesome.club features the top culinary trends for 2018. Some of them are surprising.

The predictions are from large companies in the sector and bloggers specializing in the subject. Check out!

1. The black food

The trend of “black foods”, common in the last year, continues, but its content has changed dramatically; if before it used sepia ink (squid) and activated charcoal, now these components are relegated to the background, but they have not been completely abandoned.

The 2018 black is more natural: seaweed dishes, double servings of cocoa, black rice and beans, use of black sesame, blackberries, blueberries and olives.

2. Edible flowers

Great chefs and culinary fans have used flowers to decorate their dishes for many years now. Little by little, this started to provoke discussions about whether or not the flowers were fit for human consumption, which meant that they had possibly been chemically treated.

In 2018, the “floral trend” should acquire a new dimension. Firstly, many cooks say that they use only edible flowers, which is why the dishes are completely safe. Secondly, flowers are used not only for decoration, but also to diversify the aroma and taste of dishes.

3. Hawaiian poke salad

Poke is an extremely popular dish in Hawaii. This salad is an interesting substitute for sashimi. Different types of raw fish are used in it. The prognosis is that its popularity will increase exponentially in 2018. The literal translation of “poke” is “cut into cubes”. In the classic variant, you can choose the type of fish, sauce, ingredients and herbs, and then mix everything.

European chefs already highlight the demand for this dish in restaurants and try to make it both in the classic variant and with different types of salad.

4. Trendy enriched super flours

To the famous types of healthy flour, such as rice, flax and coconut, a new one will be added, for which great popularity is also predicted: the very popular cassava flour in Brazil is the new trend of the year. It does not contain gluten and its healthy properties help to regulate weight and prevent oncological diseases.

For cooks specializing in food from the north and northeast, it could be an opportunity to stand out internationally, as this very Brazilian product should gain prominence in some restaurants abroad.

Cassava flour can be added to any dish for its nutritional value and flavor. Spirulina, moringa, maca or cocoa? Yes please! And the famous yellow latte and the “golden milk” prepared with turmeric.

5. Mocktail

The mocktail is a cocktail (nicely decorated as such) but without alcohol. Fashion trends are flowers, powders, the color black and this is evident in the new mocktails launched by international chefs.

6. Cheese tea

A cheese tea sounds very strange, but it turns out to be very tasty. This cheese drink was invented in Asian countries, but little by little it has been conquering the West and this year it has every opportunity to gain great popularity.

The basis of the drink is black, green or fruit tea. Ice is added and cream cheese whipped to whipped cream. To the mild taste of this tea, fruit and caramel syrups, honey and milk can be added. New recipes based on other cheeses with more pronounced flavors and fungus are already being developed. Why not?

7. The Egg Cloud

This “egg cloud” is not a freshman of food, but in any case, its popularity among beautiful presentations of dishes is not weak. It looks spectacular!

This “cloud egg” is a beaten and baked egg white to which a yolk is later added. It is a very original breakfast or aperitif, and its main peculiarity is that each chef prepares it in his own way.

8. Frozen Rosé, the “Frosé”

This refreshing drink has maintained its position of popularity for several years and doesn’t want to give up. Its ingredients are rosé wine, strawberry syrup and lemon juice. This composition is classic, but can be varied with other touches of fruit or candy.

Its popularity on social networks was ensured by its spectacular appearance and wonderful taste. The drink is a real summer miracle. It is important to use dark rosé wine, because after freezing the drink becomes a little lighter.

9. The spaghetti donuts

A good hybrid of donut and omelette with spaghetti (spaghetti frittata) was invented in the United States and presented at the street food fair in Smorgasburg. From that moment on, the popularity of spaghetti donut spread among the people. For its preparation, special molds are needed, and now, as the inventors say, it is more comfortable to eat spaghetti.

Pop Pasta representatives sell their trendy donuts in an elegant place: at the flea market in Brooklyn, New York, famous for its street food.

10. Zero waste

Food waste is a real problem, and that’s what restaurants thought about when they made the decision to reconsider their approach to what actually needs to be thrown away. After being adopted by fashionable chefs, the trend was put into practice by foodies, who began to decorate their dishes using roots, stalks and bark.

And it’s not just using these ingredients as decoration, for example, carrot leaves. It seems that, in addition, the roots and leaves can recreate the flavor of the sauce. They say this is just the beginning of the worldwide “green” trend.

11. Coffee in the cone

Very presentable, but impractical. This presentation of the drink was invented in Indonesia. The problem is that, in addition to other inconveniences, it doesn’t keep the coffee hot for more than 15 minutes.

12. Functional mushrooms

Functional mushrooms promise to win the vast world of little-known nutritional supplements. Soon we will hear about names such as cachimbo or chaga, or perhaps the cordyceps fungus🇧🇷 Chefs propose using these mushroom flavors in many dishes, including those with chocolate, coffee and cocoa.

What do you think about culinary fashion trends? Have you used any of these elements in your culinary experiments?

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