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12 Wardrobe Pieces That Many People Keep Buying But Should Forget

Many popular wardrobe items and accessories are not as harmless as they seem at first glance. When we don’t pay enough attention to the composition of a fabric, buy glasses at the nearest kiosk or opt for uncomfortable clothes that are in fashion, the consequences of all this behavior can be dire.

We, from incredible.club, we believe that your favorite belongings should be not only comfortable and beautiful, but also safe. Therefore, we have prepared a list of items that need to be selected and used very carefully.

Swimwear in blue tones

When choosing a children’s swimsuit, it is preferable to choose bright and contrasting colors, such as red, yellow, etc. These shades stand out well against the background of pool, lake or sea water. But it is better to avoid buying swimsuits in blue tones, especially for children, since with this color a person is almost invisible in the water and this can lead to sad consequences.

Very tight leggings

Constant use of such sportswear can cause skin irritation. The fact is that leggings are most often made of dense material that fits very tightly to the body, and which, in the process of movement, can irritate delicate skin.

In addition, as the body sweats much more with leggings, it is advisable to change them frequently, washing them after each use, as the humid and hot environment is a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria.

Some models of oversized clothes

It’s not just tight, tight clothing that can cause health problems. Large, heavy sweatshirts sometimes cause neck and back discomfort, and baggy sleeves can force the arms to be held in an unnatural position, causing strain on other muscles in the body.

If there’s a hood and it’s baggy, you may have to crane your neck too far to see anything. And if the hood lags behind, there can be excessive pressure on the throat, which can be unpleasant to say the least.

Unbranded sunglasses

The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation, but not from the bright rays of the sun. Thus, if the accessory does not have the UV 400 label, it will not provide the necessary protection.

UV protection cannot be judged by lens darkening, which is why sunglasses can do more harm than good, as they dilate the pupil and, if they don’t have a UV filter, can seriously damage your eyes. For all these reasons, it is advisable to buy them from specialized opticians, who use photometers to measure the UV protection on the lenses.

some summer hats

One of the main purposes of a hat is to protect the wearer from the sun’s rays. Baseball caps don’t do this very well, as they expose the ears and neck, whose skin is very sensitive and burns especially quickly.

If a person wears only hats, the open areas of the neck and ears should be well protected with sunscreen. By the way, straw hats, even with a wide brim, are not a perfect solution either, because they leave gaps where the sun’s rays pass through.

narrow pencil skirt

Women in tight skirts look very elegant, but this garment makes natural movement difficult. As a result, not only does gait become awkward, but posture changes also occur, which can lead to back pain.🇧🇷 Bending your knees and squatting in this type of clothing is very difficult, which means that with these movements a greater load is placed on the back muscles.

Dresses and tops tied at the neck

Such clothes often put a lot of additional pressure on the neck, especially if nature has gifted you with a large bust. If basic T-shirts evenly distribute the load over the shoulders, then those with tie straps keep the load exclusively on the neck. As a result, the person assumes an uncomfortable position when the head is tilted forward and the shoulders are rounded and lowered.

Bamboo-based fabric clothing

Natural bamboo clothes are very resistant and thick. To soften the fibers and give the fabric elasticity, it is treated with various chemicals, such as carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid. But all of these compounds are toxic and can be dangerous to both your health and the environment.

Some types of waterproof clothing

Until recently, dangerous chemicals were used to create waterproof fabrics. Once it became clear that they pose a potential threat to the environment in general and human health in particular, sportswear manufacturers began looking for alternatives. Now, it is possible to choose a brand that does not use these substances in the manufacture of its clothes.

Thick nylon tights

Due to friction, tight pants can irritate the skin, causing breakouts and calluses. There is also another problem, socks stretched upwards change the natural position of the toes, which has long-term consequences. Therefore, tight tights can be just as dangerous as pointed-toe shoes or high-heeled shoes.

fitted fabric headbands

Elastic headbands made of synthetic fabrics sometimes compress the frontal muscles, which can cause discomfort and headaches. It is better to use looser models made from natural fabrics.

gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals with straps that wrap around the ankles and calves aren’t just uncomfortable. They can hurt your legs, as they interfere with blood and lymphatic circulation, and can cause edema and even varicose veins. Despite all that, you can use them, as long as you don’t use them often.

What fashion items would you never wear in your life simply because they’re uncomfortable? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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