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12 Typical feline behaviors that have an explanation

Cats have some habits that seem inexplicable, which is why we sometimes feel like they are up to something on us. But most of the things they do have an explanation. If you’ve always wanted to know why your cat takes food out of the pot and throws it on the floor, or why he drinks water from the tap and brings us his prey, read on.

You may have already noticed that we, from awesome.club, we love animals. Today, we are going to try to understand what is the logic behind the strangest actions of cats.

1. Take the food out of the pot and throw it on the floor

This happens because the cats mustache touches the side of the pot. As the site has many nerve endings, they are uncomfortable. Also, next to the food pot is usually the water pot, and cats do everything they can to make sure nothing falls into it.

2. Take the prey to the owners

Many people must have gone through this: the cat comes home with the prey, all proud. Some bring mice, others birds. In general, this animal instinct develops so that the puppies learn the correct way to act. If the animal does not have kittens, what happens is that the cat wants to teach the owner the correct way to hunt.

3. They drink water from the tap and even the toilet

4. Scrape the floor next to the toilet

If after going to the bathroom your cat scrapes the floor (outside the toilet), he is most likely uncomfortable: the tray may be too small or he needs more sand. Or maybe the tray has a grid at the bottom that bothers you. All this is easy to understand, because we also want to be comfortable when we go to the bathroom.

5. Sharpen your nails

If you think cats destroy furniture and rugs with their nails for no reason, you’re wrong. Sharpening the nails is a very important procedure for any feline. They do this so that the nail regrows properly.

6. They hide when they are sick

The most common symptom when a cat is sick is that it starts to hide and prefers to be alone and in quiet places. This way he feels less vulnerable and he is unlikely to be happy if you try to get him out of there. Don’t keep him on your lap, he doesn’t want that. The best thing to do is go to a vet to understand what the problem is.

7. Show the language

In fact, the reasons are many. He may have licked himself and forgotten to keep his tongue in his mouth. Sometimes the jaw is relaxed and the tongue may stick out of the mouth. But if the cat’s tongue is sticking out, it may have a problem associated with an incorrect way of biting, or even trauma related to breathing problems.

8. They rub against people

9. They don’t like to shower

It’s no secret that most cats are afraid of water, except the water they drink. This can happen because they don’t know or don’t like to swim. In addition, they can get cold, since during the bath their inner layer also gets wet (it helps to protect them from heat and cold). So if a cat doesn’t want to bathe, don’t insist.

10. Chew grass and plants

Cats love to chew on plants and herbs, but not for the vitamins they can contain. The issue is in the digestive system. By eating grass, for example, the cat is able to cleanse the digestive system of food that it has not been able to digest on its own.

11. Throw things off tables and shelves

If your cat throws things on the floor, it doesn’t mean he’s rude. This is his way of showing his predatory instincts and training his hunting skills.

12. They look scared as if they’ve seen something when there’s nothing to see

Everyone who has a cat must have witnessed the scene where the cat looks somewhere as if it has seen something amazing, or even a ghost. This is explained by the peculiarities of their vision: cats have ultraviolet vision and see things that humans cannot. Therefore, many times they are looking at something that we are not able to see, or they are just looking at a place where some sound has come out that only they have heard.

Bonus: a habit we can’t explain

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