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12 tamale cake recipes to enjoy all year round

With the flavor of a place, the pamonha cake looks like a festa junina. However, it is also perfect to be served with a hot coffee for an afternoon snack, breakfast or dessert. This is a simple type of preparation, but that conquers for the flavor. To learn how to make this delight, see the selection of recipes below:

1. Pamonha cake with canned corn

Making a tamale cake can be a very simple task and this recipe is here to prove it. Using canned corn and a preparation in the blender, your time in the kitchen will be very short. Even so, you get an amazing flavor and creamy texture.

2. Blender tamale cake with condensed milk

This is another practical alternative made in the blender and that takes canned corn. The big difference is in the use of condensed milk. This ingredient, in addition to sweetening your dough, also helps to make it creamier. It’s worth checking out the full step by step in the video.

3. Tamale cake with cornmeal

Want a cake with an intense corn flavor? So, see all the tips in this recipe that takes canned corn and cornmeal. The preparation has no complications and can be performed easily even by those who have no experience in the kitchen. Even so, the taste may surprise you!

4. Pamonha cake on straw

Make a charming presentation for your cake by baking the dough on the straw. This is a simple tip, but it makes all the difference in appearance. To make it even better, the recipe only calls for corn, eggs, butter, milk, condensed milk, grated Parmesan cheese and baking powder.

5. Creamy tamale cake

Want an extremely creamy texture? So, you need to check out the tips in this recipe. To achieve this result, you will use corn, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, cornmeal and yeast. The ingredient list is very short and the preparation is done in a blender. It’s just advantages!

6. Tamale cake in the pot

How about making some extra money with the tamale cake? If you want to sell this candy, this pot recipe is perfect for you to check out. The step by step is uncomplicated and the flavor irresistible.

7. Gluten-free tamale cake

Can you make a tasty tamale cake that is gluten free? Certainly! For that, this recipe uses condensed milk, coconut milk, corn, butter, eggs and baking powder. If you want to flavor your candy, the suggestion is to use cinnamon powder.

8. Parmesan tamale cake

With a texture beyond creamy and a blender preparation, this recipe can already conquer you. Now, to make it even better, grated Parmesan cheese also comes into play to add an extra touch of flavor to the cake without giving you more work in the kitchen.

9. Tamale cake with coconut milk

This is a lactose-free recipe that still has the delicious taste of coconut milk. It combines very well with the flavor of corn, which makes the result irresistible. All this with great practicality with a blender preparation. Check step by step.

10. Pamonha cake with cottage cheese and guava

In this recipe, dough is made in a blender and placed in a form with corn husk to bake. Before going to the oven, cream cheese and guava paste are added to the cake. Thus, you guarantee a surprising filling that mixes sweet and salty with each bite.

11. Tamale cake with popcorn ice cream

Get out of the ordinary with this recipe. Here, you learn how to make a tamale cake and popcorn ice cream. Both sweets are served together and are perfect for corn lovers.

12. Tsunami mush cake

To end the list, a recipe that has so much coverage, it can make anyone’s mouth water. There’s more: corn enters the scene both in the preparation of the dough and the topping. Thus, you can enjoy all the flavor that this ingredient has to offer.

Inspired by the recipes above and want to make an arraiá at home or simply taste other common dishes of this festivity? So, see recipes for festa junina right now.

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