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12 simple and effective bathroom hacks that make life easier

The bathroom is a place that should always be clean, but it is not always easy to achieve this. To make your life easier, you can use these little tricks to make this space more inviting and your cleaning faster.

O awesome.club researched some awesome bloggers bathroom lifehacks and decided to share these ideas with you.

To store cosmetics and small things, you can use a cutlery holder

Use toilet paper as an aroma diffuser

A couple of drops of any essential oil on a toilet paper roll will freshen the bathroom air better than an aroma diffuser.

So that the towels in the bathroom do not smell damp, but exude freshness, use a sprayer with essential oils

In a small spray bottle, pour water and add a few drops of your favorite oil. Sprinkle this mixture on top of your towels. Now your bathroom will look fresh. You can see more details here.

To make product tubes take up less space, hang them

Use an additional shower curtain rod and tweezers to secure the tubes.

With three towels, you can make a soft bath mat with good absorption.

Here you can see the step by step.

If the bathroom rug keeps moving, use a small, discreet garment Velcro.

Glue one side of the Velcro to the floor and the other to the underside of the rug. Now the slippage will be minimal. Click here to know more details.

With a thin and discreet PVC pipe, you can make a perfect towel rack

You can fit it behind the door. This will significantly save space. To see more details on how to make this towel rack, click here.

Use leftover soap wisely

With leftover soap you can make new soap. Just melt the rest in a bain-marie and pour it into molds until it cools down. Those who don’t want to keep the soap residue can put it inside a sponge and use it until it dissolves completely.

A wall shoe organizer lets you conveniently store your bathroom items

Place it inside the shower, on the back of the curtain or hang it next to it. The shelf in the bathroom will immediately be freed from endless tubes and pots.

So that the mirror in the bathroom does not fog up, apply a little shaving gel

Apply the gel to the mirror and spread it evenly over the surface. Then wipe with a dry napkin. Here you can see more about this tip.

The ‘soap sponge’ is very practical and will allow you to reduce your soap consumption. In addition, it looks very beautiful

For this you will need some wool felt and some regular soap. You can check out the technique here.

If the soap melts in the soap dish, add a hair ‘doughnut’

The donut, a hair bun accessory, absorbs water and the soap will always stay dry. Also, instead of this accessory, you can use a regular sponge.

Which trick did you like the most? Share your impressions with us in the comments.

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