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12 Photos of epic reunions between Brazilian artists

Reunions are always special, but when they bring together famous people who have fallen in love with the public… the fans go crazy! The last few years have been marked by nostalgic reunions in the artistic world, such as the return of the Spice Girls or the return of the Gilmore Girls series. In Brazil, it couldn’t be different.

O awesome.club selected a series of photos that mark the reunion of beloved artists, who we thought we would never see together again. Enter this time tunnel with us!


The musical group formed in 2002 on the reality show Popstars, on SBT, made the whole of Brazil dance to the sound of hits like “Ragatanga” and “Não Dá para Resist”. Members Fantine Thó, Aline Wirley, Lu Andrade, Li Martins and Karin Hils announced the band’s return in 2017 and sold out shows that year. In early 2019, they announced a new career break.


The group Br’oz was formed in the men’s edition of the reality Popstars, which aired in 2003. Even with the success of the hit “Prometida”, the band lasted a short time and ended in 2005. After 11 years, the group announced the return , but activities ended in 2018.


When the telenovela “Chiquititas” turned 20, in 2017, Fernanda Souza (Mili) reunited Aretha Oliveira (Pata), Renata Del Bianco (Vivi), Francis Helena (Cris), and Gisele Frade (Bia) in the program “Vai, Fernandinha ”, from Multishow.

Brazilian MTV VJs

Those who lived in their youth between the 1990s and 2000s certainly remember Brazilian MTV and its iconic VJs. The recent reunion between former broadcaster presenters Edgard Piccoli, Marina Person, Cazé Peçanha, Didi Wagner and Sarah Oliveira must have been beyond fun.

Workout (Season 12)

The 12th season of Malhação, which featured Thiago Rodrigues in the role of “Bernardo” and Joana Balaguer as the villain “Jaque”, was broadcast in 2005 on Globo. Two years ago, they met again in Portugal, the country where Joana has been living since 2010.

Workout (season 14)

Actress Giovanna Ewbank joined Rômulo Arantes Neto, Thaila Ayala, Fiorella Matheis and the twins Michelle and Giselle Batista to participate in a video on her Youtube channel. The more than special meeting of the cast of “Malhação” in 2007 yielded an incredible selfie.

Workout (season 15)

Nathalia Dill and Caio Castro have been acting together in Globo’s “A Dona do Pedaço” since May. But, for those who don’t remember, the two were part of the cast of “Malhação” between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2009. The memorable click was released by Nathalia herself on Instagram.

It’s the tchan!


“Cruj, Cruj, Cruj. Goodbye!”. The TV Cruj program, which premiered on SBT in 1997, marked the childhood of many Brazilians. Diego Ramiro, Jussara Marques and Leonardo Monteiro revived the characters Caju, Maluca and Guelé in 2015, during a Children’s Day special on the program “The Noite”.

Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum

Pedro, Zequinha and Nino, or rather, Luciano Amaral, Freddy Allan and Cássio Scapin, met again during a Children’s Day special of the “Programa do Porchat” in 2017. The meeting took place 20 years after the last episode of the series “Castelo Rá-Tim -Bum” aired.

Paquitas (1st generation)

In 2018, the presenter Xuxa Meneghel met four former paquitas, who formed the first generation of stage assistants for the blonde, between 1984 and 1990. , Andréa Veiga and Louise Wischermann? It’s too much emotion!

Xuxa and Eliana

June was marked by the reunion of two iconic Brazilian TV presenters: Xuxa and Eliana. The “Rainha dos Baixinhos” left the supposed rivalry aside and participated in “Programa da Eliana”, on SBT. The two took advantage of the occasion to reproduce a photo taken in 1997. Fans went wild on social media, of course.

In your opinion, which of the encounters was the most exciting? Were you a fan of any of these artists? Tell us in the comments.

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