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12 Nest Milk Volcano Cake Recipes for a burst of flavor

Super creamy and with an irresistible flavor, these Nest Milk Volcano Cake recipes are perfect for those who want to have an afternoon coffee worthy of a good coffee shop without leaving home. Learn how to create the lava effect with the icing, making the experience of tasting the cake much more fun!

1. Easy Nest Milk Volcano Cake

With a super fluffy dough and a light and creamy filling, this Ninho milk cake has the authentic flavor of the classic powdered milk that makes any sweet much better! Serve it at an afternoon coffee with friends and surprise everyone with this delight.

2. Nest milk volcano cake in the blender

Practical and easy to make, the preparation of this cake is all in the blender and is ideal for those who want to learn how to make a simple dough. For the final touch, the topping is made with condensed milk, butter, cream and, of course, lots of Ninho milk!

3. Nest milk volcano cake with whole milk

Intensify even more the flavor of milk in your volcano cake with this recipe, which is made with whole milk in the dough and has a frosting that takes condensed milk, cream and Ninho milk! The tip is to sprinkle some of this powder over the cake, bringing an appetizing effect to the dish.

4. Nest milk volcano cake with vanilla essence

By flavoring the cake dough, it is possible to bring a soft and delicious taste that makes all the difference in the result! Learn how to prepare this amazing dessert using vanilla essence, which combines beautifully with Ninho milk and will make everything even better.

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5. Nest milk volcano cake with chocolate dough

Bring a contrast of colors and flavors by preparing this cake, which has everything to become your favorite. The chocolate dough is very fluffy and has an incredible flavor – but, of course, the highlight is the frosting that brings the volcano effect: creamy, delicious and with the authentic flavor of Ninho milk!

6. Nest milk volcano cake with sugar mix

Mixing brown sugar with refined sugar, it is possible to bring a different and delicious flavor to the cake dough! In addition, the less processed version helps to bring an appetizing and amazing color to the chocolate mass, which goes perfectly with the Ninho milk frosting.

7. Nest milk volcano cake with ganache

With a simple white dough, Ninho milk frosting and a chocolate ganache, this cake is for no one to fault: the tip is to put the chocolate cream inside the cake and the white cream on top – this way, it is possible to create a surprise delicious!

8. Nest striped milk volcano cake with ganache

Create a different and fun effect on your volcano cake by preparing a chocolate ganache to contrast with the Ninho milk cream! The tip is to decorate the frosting with chocolate stripes – in addition to making the candy super beautiful, the taste of the ganache makes all the difference.

9. Nest and Brigadeiro milk volcano cake

Place the brigadeiro filling in the middle of your volcano cake and cover everything with a delicious Ninho milk cream – this way, the contrast of the chocolate flavor with the lightness and creaminess of the white frosting will make your dessert perfect!

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10. Nest milk volcano cake with strawberry

To make your cake look more natural and refreshing, the suggestion of this recipe is to add strawberries in the preparation. In addition to making everything super colorful and appetizing, the fruit flavor softens the sweetness of the Ninho milk cream and will make your afternoon coffee lighter.

11. Nest Milk Volcano Cake with Nutella

The classic combination of Ninho milk with Nutella couldn’t be left out – and, of course, you can’t miss trying this volcano cake! With a good dose of creaminess and a light flavor that contrasts with a more present one, this dessert is simply sensational.

12. Nest milk volcano cake with creamy Nutella

Learn how to prepare a chocolate dough, a Ninho milk coating and a Nutella filling with cream and discover the true meaning of creaminess with this recipe! Leave everything with an incredible flavor and, on top of that, prepare a dessert worthy of the best bakeries.

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