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12 ideas to take advantage of spaces behind doors

It is not difficult, especially for those who do not live in a very large place, to suffer from a space problem and not have the right to store clothes, bags, documents or some other artifact.

In this case, every corner becomes precious, such as, for example, that space behind the doors that, despite being often ignored, can be of great value to those looking for a little extra space.

To better enjoy this area of ​​the room, just use very simple organizers, and easily found anywhere, such as shelves and hooks. In this way, it is possible to reinvent the usefulness of doors — which can have a function beyond what is usual — and get more space in your home to hang or store all kinds of things.

Check out some tips below that will inspire you to make these small changes in your own home.

1. Hooks

A practical solution for those who need space to store bags or even jewelry, the hooks can be purchased at building supply stores and affixed to the door or wall. In addition to the traditional models that require a hole and nail, there are also self-adhesive and suction cup options, which do not damage the structure of the property.

2. Shelves

When the gap between the door and the wall is large, installing shelves is a way to optimize space and increase the surfaces to store objects that cannot be placed horizontally. In this case, the shelves can be narrow, but they must be nailed to the wall or door so that they are well supported.

This trick can be applied in different environments of the house according to the needs of each room. In service areas, pantries and kitchens this alternative can be especially useful.

3. Rods

Structures with rods in different materials can be easily found at home supply stores and are usually used to support curtains. When nailed or affixed behind doors, the rods can be used to accommodate towels, for example.

To take advantage of the effect provided by the rods even more, it is possible to add mobile hooks, which allow the storage of objects with holes, cords or handles, such as cutlery in the kitchen or bags in the bedrooms.

4. Shoe racks made of fabric or synthetic materials

Traditionally, these panels with pockets are used to store shoes in pairs. However, its usefulness goes much further: it is possible to invest in shoe racks made of fabrics or synthetic materials to increase the use of space anywhere.

For artists, for example, this feature is valid for storing paints and brushes without these devices taking up much space. In a more practical way, shoe racks can accommodate makeup products and even office items or cables and chargers.

5. Clothesline fasteners

With nails and clothesline rope or with a simple wooden structure it is possible to affix clothespins behind doors. This trick is ideal for those who need easy access to small objects, such as jewelry pieces, or even important correspondence and documents.

6. Sequence of hangers

To expand the space of closets or bedrooms and be able to store more clothes and accessories, a good solution is to assemble a set of hangers with the help of cords or acrylic or metal structures, which allow the fitting of several pieces, and suspend it on the top of the door. This can also be a good substitute for common coat racks, which tend to take up a lot of space in rooms and, in addition, by being behind the door, the accumulation of objects on the hangers is also hidden.

7. Hanging baskets and pots

Whether with the help of rods or fixing on metal, wood or plastic structures, baskets and pots can be suspended both on the door and on the wall with nails or self-adhesive materials. In practice, this trick works like shoe racks and holds small, light objects that need to be accessible.

8. Magnetic accessories

Simple and inexpensive, the magnet can be adopted as an organization resource when installed behind the door in the form of sheets or plates. The idea here is to use it to group metal objects, such as hairpins or screwdrivers, in an accessible way. Before application, however, it is necessary to assess whether the magnetized surface will withstand the weight of the items to be placed.

9. Wire panel

A simple checkered wire frame can be used as a panel to suspend small objects, bags or jewelry. This artifice can still be completed with mobile hooks, cords and shelves that fit into the openings, providing greater use of the space between the door and the wall.

10. Clipboards

This is a creative idea that can also be used as a decorative element. Those who like to collect inspiring images can use simple clipboards or clipboards covered with colorful self-adhesive papers and fix them in strategic places in the house. For production and style references, for example, the bedroom or closet door is a great option; to organize recipes, the kitchen door can receive a set of clipboards that allow for greater organization.

In addition, clipboards can also be nailed to the front door of the house to store important documents, bills or items that can be hung on your clip and cannot be forgotten in everyday life.

11. Hanging files and folders

People who need to store a lot of paper or have easy access to important documents can set up a vertical file cabinet, which doesn’t take up much space and can easily be installed behind doors. The combination of wire or other sturdy structures is perfect for storing papers and keeping organized.

12. Pins and cork

Synthetic material can be purchased in sheets, rolls or by the meter and installed either on the door or on the wall. The thicker the cork, the easier it is to stick pins that hold heavier objects. With this combination, it is also possible to suspend empty containers, which allow the storage of a greater volume of artifacts.

where to buy organizers

The 12 tips provide better use of space and are quite affordable, and can be put into practice with cheap materials that can be easily found both in homeware stores and in construction warehouses or even on the internet!

The big secret for installing any of the solutions is to think beforehand which option best fits your needs. Because of the weight, evaluating the type of object you need to store will indicate the best material for your home!

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