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12 Cute Stories That Show Dreams Can Come True

We all have a dream. Whether big or small, important or downright silly. Even though sometimes it seems like they will never come true, we keep dreaming.

O awesome.club gathered some stories from people around the world to demonstrate that, sooner or later, the Universe will be able to listen to each one of us.

This man made a replica of the car from the movie Taxi so maybe he could take the main character for a ride in it

A taxi driver created a replica of the Peugeot 406 car from his favorite movie, Taxi, and dreamed of taking the main character, actor Samy Naceri, for a ride in it. In 2017, during a festival, the driver was offered the opportunity to receive foreign guests at the airport: singer Lou Bega and Naceri.

He was preparing to become a Guardian of the Galaxy and received an invitation from NASA

A fourth grader submitted an application to work at NASA as a planetary defense officer and thus become a true Guardian of the Galaxy. One of the directors received the letter and offered him the possibility of studying at the prestigious agency’s school and becoming an astronaut.

He rowed 1000 km in the Arctic

This is how the hands of the British two-time Olympic rowing champion were left Alex Gregory after rowing for 1,000 km in one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet.

This boy drove the car from Back to the Future

The mother of a 6-year-old Back To The Future fan turned to automaker DeLorean via social media to celebrate her son’s birthday and give him a chance to see this legendary car live. The surprise was a success: the party consisted of two cars and several actors who played Doc and Marty.

A small desire, a great joy

The young woman, who dreamed of getting into the cockpit, just asked the stewardesses who were on the flight if it would be possible to meet the cockpit of the plane. With the captain’s permission, in addition to being able to see all the functions of the plane up close, he took a commemorative photo with the crew.

She made a lot of people’s dreams come true.

Who hasn’t thought about winning the lottery? Well, this doctor hit the jackpot and got it. And, of course, it was not in reais, but in dollars! Almost 800 million dollars.

He fulfilled his dream of competing in the Dakar Rally

He’s dreamed his whole life of winning the longest rally in the world. And after the third attempt, he finally succeeded. For an entire month, he trained with hypoxic equipment, slept in a low-oxygen tent, and spent 10 days getting used to the altitude of the Andes. The result: he crossed thousands of kilometers through the mountains and won the honorable third place in the classification.

Finally he went to Africa and rode an ostrich

An avid reader of the adventure book “The Swiss Robinson” (which actually takes place in Australia), this young man since he was little imagined what it would be like to grow up and be able to ride a real ostrich, if he ever visited Africa. Recently, he managed to fulfill that dream.

He overcame depression, lost 111 kg and became personal trainer to help other people

As a child, this young man was diagnosed with childhood obesity and was the butt of nasty jokes among his schoolmates. He went through a difficult breakup with his girlfriend, but only after being admitted to a hospital did he decide to take care of himself. Having overcome his food addiction, he started playing sports, lost over 100 kg and became personal trainerto help others with the same difficulty to overcome this challenge.

A more than special secret friend

Every year, billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates dresses up as Santa to deliver his secret friend gifts. This practice is a project on the Reddit website. The system randomly chooses who gives a gift to whom. In 2016, a user who also dressed up as Santa Claus unexpectedly received a huge box full of gifts that Gates himself had chosen for her🇧🇷 To improve, the computer genius is one of his biggest idols.

The son helped make all the dreams of his mother come true, who retired after 55 years of hard work

When she lost her job, she thought she couldn’t enjoy life anymore. She was feeling really lost. Her son then proposed that he make a wish list of things he had always dreamed of doing. Now, they attend hip-hop classes together, skydive, milk cows and even run marathons in Boston, the most traditional in the world.

When the dream comes true and you find your human

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