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12 Cute Baby Photoshoots That Didn’t Go So Well

Photo sessions with babies – the so-called ‘newborn’ shoots, which in English means newborn – are very popular lately. But did you know that this concept has only been around for about 20 years? Since the 1990s, when the trend grew, Australian photographer Anne Geddes has been able to pinpoint exactly the sensations of first-time moms and dads determined to capture their baby’s first months.

However, when cuteness is accompanied by funny and unexpected moments, the memories are even more special.

O awesome.club decided to gather results from photo shoots with babies that didn’t go very well, but in a very fun way.

12. No, don’t get me out of here. But I want to leave now, this very moment!

11. This hangover after Christmas dinner made me a little sleepy…

10. Just by my face, can you tell I need to go to the bathroom?

9. All babies cry on their first birthday. Or not?

8. They think they can squeeze me just because they feel like it, don’t they?

7. Do you think I’ll be happy playing with these balls every day?

6. Maybe the wind is blowing too hard!

5. And the award for the oldest, most patient and nicest brother goes to…

4. My parents brag about my reading skills

3. When you ask me to close my eyes, I get very sleepy. Must be an age thing

2. We’re done, right?

1. No, that’s not the definition of joy

This image gives a great idea of ​​what it’s like to take care of babies today in real life. No wonder she goes viral again every Christmas, both for her grace and sweetness. However, the photographer had a good reason to frame this photo and keep it in a place where it could be seen on a daily basis. The mother of these children recently died, and the professional feels stronger when admiring the photo, something she always does when she thinks that raising a child is a difficult task.

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Was this post an overdose of cuteness or not? We still have a smile on our faces just checking out each of these photos. Do you have images of children who also didn’t turn out as expected? Share them in the comments!

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